Disco 2Disco 2

Released - 1994
Chart peak - UK #6, US #75

Visitors' rating (plurality): 💣 (no stars)
Visitors' rating (rounded average): ★☆☆☆☆
Wayne's rating: 💣 (no stars)

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Widely regarded as the Pet Shop Boys' least popular and least successful album, Disco 2 was roundly panned by critics (and many otherwise dedicated fans) as a redundant collection of highly repetitive remixes segued together in a more or less seamless fashion. Its chief attractions lay in the inclusion of a couple of tracks previously unavailable on any official PSB album—though even they didn't appear in their original 7" mixes—and the availability of a "special edition" which offered a bonus disc that contained several other tracks that were relatively hard to find at the time.

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