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To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement,* which was shared with me recently by a regular site visitor (who in this case has asked to remain anonymous)? –

*The following quotation isn't verbatim, but instead somewhat shortened and rephrased by me. But the bulk and gist of it comes from the site visitor who wrote to me about it and then granted permission for me to use his comments for this poll. Of course, please keep in mind that your own vote is also anonymous—unless of course you choose to reveal how you voted by identifying yourself and talking about it in the "Comments" section of the "Current Results" page.

"While the latest Pet Shop Boys albums produced by Stuart Price (Electric and Super) have been highly proficient, enjoyable, and even exciting, they seem to lack something—perhaps it's something akin to depth—that would give them 'legs.' After an initial infatuation, I've quickly grown tired of them and feel little desire to go back and listen to them time and time again, the way I do with other PSB albums. Older PSB albums, even those as recent as Fundamental and Yes, have a more timeless quality that makes them endlessly enjoyable. Maybe it's too soon to tell, but I think the latest albums are lacking this."

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