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This Week's PSB Survey
Inspired by news of the upcoming autobiography by New Order's Bernard Sumner, as well as other recent pop-star memoirs—

Do you think it's time for one or both of the Pet Shop Boys to be writing and publishing their autobiographies (or just one autobiography, as the case may be)?

For the purposes of this question, please make no distinctions between Chris and Neil unless you feel very strongly about it. For instance, if you would very much like for one of them to write his autobiography, but you really don't care that much about the other, then go ahead and choose a "Yes" response. But if you feel strongly about one writing an autobiography and just as strongly that the other one should not, then perhaps the "mixed feelings" response is right for you. (For reasons of propriety, I didn't wish to provide blatant "Chris yes, Neil no" or "Neil yes, Chris no" options.)

Yes—the sooner the better!
Yes, within the next few years.
No, not yet, but maybe sometime after, say, 2020.
Only after they've "retired" (if then).
No, I hope they never do.
I'm not sure, or I have mixed feelings about this.
I really don't care about this one way or the other.
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By no means am I suggesting that these are the "only" or "correct" interpretations. In fact, it's typical of great art, even great pop art, to lend itself to multiple interpretations. And I do consider the Pet Shop Boys to be the creators of great pop art. So you can take or leave my interpretations as you wish. If you disagree, please don't take offense. Rather, enjoy the fact that we're both fans of music rich enough to invite different interpretations.

Despite my best efforts, I have no doubt that I'm guilty of at least some factual errors. I recognize this fact and apologize in advance for any that may have slipped past me. I'll certainly correct any errors that come to my attention.

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