Disco 4Disco 4

Released - 2007
Chart peak - UK Compilation Album #15 (not released in US)

Widely rumored and even offered for advance sale on some websites more than a month before its official acknowledgment, Disco 4 is, as its title indicates, the fourth in the Pet Shop Boys' series of remix albums. Released in October 2007, it came as a tremendous surprise to most of their fans, who didn't expect another Disco album so soon after the last one (Disco 3 in 2003).

Each preceding album in the series had followed a somewhat different "concept," and this one is no exception. This time, rather than rely on the work of other mixers, the Boys decided to focus on their own remixes—mostly of other artists' tracks, but also including two from Fundamental: "I'm with Stupid" and "Integral," the latter being a drastic, previously unreleased mix that was also released separately as a DJ promo single and digital download.

As a result of the predominance of other artists' songs, some might balk at calling Disco 4 a full-fledged "Pet Shop Boys album." Indeed, news of this pending release—particularly with regard to its track lineup—proved controversial among their fans. Although Chris and Neil themselves clearly consider it a PSB album, the official U.K. chartmakers disagreed. Because of its multi-artist format, it was deemed ineligible for the standard album chart and was instead relegated only to the U.K. charts for "compilation albums" and "dance albums."

Note: The links below for "Integral" and "I'm with Stupid" will take you to the section for the album Fundamental. Please keep this in mind for "navigational" purposes.