Released - 2020
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It was still fairly early in 2019 when the Pet Shop Boys announced that their next studio album, which they had previously suggested might be released in the autumn of that year, wouldn't see the light of day until early 2020. In September 2019 they confirmed that its release date had been set for January 24, 2020. Its title remained a mystery at that time, however, and they hinted that they themselves hadn't yet settled on one. They had seriously considered titling it Berlin since they had largely recorded it in the German capital, but then decided against it in view of Lou Reed's famous 1973 album of that name. The title they finally settled on, Hotspot, was announced to the world on November 14, 2019.

Also in September 2019 they unveiled the first single from the album: "Dreamland," their long-awaited collaboration with fellow U.K. band Years & Years. So far this is the only confirmed song, although there are early indications that the album will include ten tracks, of which "Dreamland" will be the fourth. This, however, could change.

Aside from the fact that it completes their much discussed "trilogy" of albums helmed by producer Stuart Price (its predecessors of course being Electric and Super), relatively little else is known about this album at this time. I will provide additional information here as it becomes available.