Songs that Neil sings avowedly using a female lyrical persona

Neil sings a number of PSB songs from a feminine perspective, adopting a female lyrical persona. This list attempts to document such songs, although it includes just those for which Neil has expressly stated at one time or another that the narrator is female when he sings them. So it does not count tracks that:

In other words (regarding this last point), keep in mind that though a song may have been written originally with a female singer in mind, it doesn't necessarily mean that when Neil sings it, he retains the female persona. For instance, consider "So Sorry, I Said," originally sung—or at least released—by Liza Minnelli. Just because it was originally sung by a woman doesn't mean that when Neil sings it the narrator is still female. In such cases, I would list it here only if Neil has said that when he sings it, he's indeed singing from a feminine perspective.

Given those perhaps convoluted restrictions (at least they make sense to me), here, in alphabetical order, are the songs that make the cut:

To be honest, the list isn't as long as I thought it would be. So I suspect I've missed a few. If you're aware of any others, —but remember, before I can add a song to this list, I need evidence that Neil has actually said he's singing from a female perspective.