No Excuse

Writers - Tennant/Lowe
First released - 2017
Original album - Release 2017 reissue Further Listening 2001-2004 bonus disc
Producer - ????
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - (none)

A portion of this song written by Chris and Neil in 2003 was later repurposed for the later b-side "Up and Down." Nevertheless, the Boys felt that it was, as Neil once put it, "actually quite good," so they clearly considered it worth releasing—which they ultimately did as one of the bonus tracks accompanying the 2017 reissue of Release.

The song has what Neil has described as a "very controversial lyric" about the infamous 1960s London gangster Ronnie Kray's homosexuality. Nothing else is known about it at this time, but I can't help but wonder whether our musical heroes have composed a song that asserts—as if any such assertion were truly needed—that being "gay" (and I use that term loosely in Ronnie Kray's case) is "no excuse" for also being a homicidal thug. We'll see once the song is actually released.


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