Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum 12-inch single cover

Writers - Tennant/Lowe
First released - 2016
Original album - Super
Producer - Stuart Price
Subsequent albums - Inner Sanctum
Other releases - (none)

Released digitally on January 21, 2016 as a "taster" from Supernot as its first single, an honor reserved for "The Pop Kids"—this primarily instrumental dance track features sparse vocals, with Neil sporadically singing the couplet that makes up its lyrics in their entirety:

In the inner sanctum, you're a star
The girls, the guys, they all know who you are

It's the very sparsity of those lyrics that begs the question, just what is this "inner sanctum"? To be sure, it may be a very real public space, such as a dance club—or perhaps an exclusive room within such a club, open only to VIPs—where the person being addressed ("you") is a fabulous individual known to all of the other habitués of the same venue. Neil has said that this song was at least partly inspired by clubs in Las Vegas where "you think, oh, this is the inner sanctum—this is where you're drinking champagne with the DJ." But it could just as easily be a more private place, perhaps even wholly imaginary, in one's own mind. This possibility is suggested by the choice of words that refer to it, "inner sanctum." In that case, the song becomes an expression of a fantasy in which "you" make yourself the star of your own private drama. If you take that view, then your particular viewpoint would also determine whether you regard this song as extremely life-affirming or merely a means of pandering to the listener's more narcissistic impulses.



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