One More Chance

Writers - Lowe/Orlando/Tennant
First released - 1984
Original album - Actually
Producer (album version) - Julian Mendelsohn; (original version) - Bobby Orlando
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - single (in some countries)

An older tune from the Boys' Bobby O days, previously released in a more "primitive" version as an unsuccessful 1984 single in several countries (including Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands) well before the release of Please and now resurrected for Actually.

Extremely straightforward, it's basically a plea to a former (or soon-to-be-former) lover to give the narrator "one more chance." Interestingly, he seems to maintain that he's the wronged party, unfairly maligned by people who've been spreading rumors and lies about him. Now, thrown over by his lover as a result of these tales, he wanders city streets in a distressed state of mind, feeling as though he's been pushed into a corner. Meanwhile, the jittery, hard-edged music parallels the narrator's sense of agitated desperation.

The original pre-Please single release was, incidentally, credited to "Tennant/Orlando" as songwriters. That early version's backing track was adapted from that of "Rock Me," an unreleased number Bobby O(rlando) had planned to be recorded by another artist with whom he was working, Divine (of Pink Flamingos fame). But Chris made subsequent contributions and thereby gained his final co-writing credit on the Actually version.



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