PSB songs with "extra lyrics"

This list notes Pet Shop Boys songs in which official, authorized versions contain additional lyrics not included in the studio album version. But I do not include the following:

So, aside from those disqualifications, the songs with additional lyrics include (in alphabetical order):

  1. Closer to Heaven

    Following the original release of this song on the album Nightlife, alternate versions appeared in association with the musical Closer to Heaven, featuring variations both in the musical arrangements and in the lyrics. For instance, when the characters Straight Dave and Mile End Lee sing the song together in the musical, the verse texts are completely different.

  2. Did You See Me Coming?

    The "Possibly More Mix" of the song adds new spoken lyrics, suggestive of the personal ads found in certain newspapers, magazines, and online dating/hookup sites, that emphasize how people of all orientations seek each other out "for friendship—or possibly more."

  3. Discoteca

    The "New Version" of the song that accompanied the "Single-Bilingual" single offers the new lines—written and rapped by Neil (at Chris's instigation) in a voice heavily distorted through digital manipulation—"Understand the man who could talk in tongues / You're ready to speak like a Shakespeare."

  4. DJ Culture

    The Extended Mix includes the repeated line "I just thought I'd mention it" spoken very quietly by Neil shortly after the third verse and chorus.

  5. Domino Dancing

    In the "Base Mix," Neil speaks a single line of Spanish during an instrumental break. It's somewhat difficult to make out in the mix, but with the help of a couple of my site visitors I've learned that he's saying, "Te vas a quemar," which can be alternately translated as "You will burn," "You will burn yourself," or "You will get burned."

  6. Fluorescent

    Two new versions of the song (called the "Cali Mix" and the "Indio Mix") were re-recorded by the Boys for a special vinyl single exclusive for U.K. "Record Store Day." Played in a different key with a slightly modified melody, and performed in a very different style, they feature extensive additional lyrics rapped by Neil—beginning "Your future ex-new boyfriend is walking through the door"—memorably described by NME as "fantastically bitchy."

  7. For All of Us

    The lyrics of earlier demo versions of this song ("officially released" at one time as digital downloads from the Pet Shop Boys' own website) are markedly different from those of the eventual Closer to Heaven version, with the original lyrics seeming much more personal in nature.

  8. Forever in Love

    A version of this song recorded before but released later than the one that appeared on Relentless includes an extra verse beginning "Did you ever talk the whole night through with someone you just met…?" This earlier version eventually surfaced on the Further Listening bonus disc that accompanied the 2001 reissue of Very.

  9. In Denial

    The lyrics of the Closer to Heaven musical version are somewhat modified from those of the original Nightlife album version.

  10. Jealousy

    The inclusion of four declaimed lines from Shakespeare's Othello at the beginning and end of the "Extended Version" qualifies as "additional lyrics" in my book.

  11. It's Alright

    The single boasts a stanza (beginning "Forests falling at a desperate pace") not included in the Introspective album version. And the rare 10-inch mix of the track includes still more additional lyrics that Neil later dismissed as "pretentious":

    There's a boy standing by a river
    There's a girl lying with her lover
    There's a statesman standing at a crossroads
    There's a soldier polishing his gun

  12. Leaving

    The "PSB Side-by-Side Remix" of the song features two whole stanzas of new lyrics toward the end, though they're delivered by Neil in a voice so distorted and so buried in the mix that it's difficult to make them out—and you might miss them altogether if you're not paying close attention. The new lines begin "I believe in love for all time" and appropriately end "Because love's forever."

  13. My Night

    Perhaps a questionable inclusion seeing as how the complete version of this, the opening number of Closer to Heaven, has never been officially released on disc or even as a paid download. But it was "officially available" for a very short time during the show's original run back in 2001 as a free download from the Pet Shop Boys' website, so I'll go ahead and list it. The full version of this song is much longer than the one released on the Closer to Heaven original cast album, with each of the main characters chiming in with additional lines. (The only solo-singing character in the album version is Billie Trix.)

  14. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)

    The final quatrain of the song, quietly spoken by Neil in some versions (but not in the one found on Please), is:

    All the love that we had
    And the love that we hide
    Who will bury us
    When we die?

  15. Paninaro / Paninaro '95

    A unique case in which additional lyrics (not to mention a completely new arrangement) inspired the Boys to designate the later version as a new song altogether. Generally interpreted as a reference to the then-recent death of Peter Andreas, the added lyrics find Chris describing his sense of loss and his need to find someone else "to dance with." Notably, the line "You're my lover" from the original is shifted to the past tense, "You were my lover."

  16. The Pop Kids

    The PSB remix—perhaps more accurately, the extended version—titled "The Full Story" provides an additional verse of lyrics not heard in the album or standard single version, which (in the words of the Boys themselves) "brings the story of the Pop Kids up to the present."

  17. Positive Role Model

    The text of the Closer to Heaven version is quite different from that of the Boys' own studio version, beginning with the very first lines: "Here I stand where I planned" versus "Here we are where we were."

  18. Run, Girl, Run

    I'm stretching it a little to include this obscure song in the list since it has never been released on an "official" album, although it was officially released on a disc sold in the theater lobby during the original run of Closer to Heaven. The lyrics are significantly altered in spots between the so-called "1971" and "1981" versions, both of which appear on that disc, which is now very much a collector's item. So, in keeping with the stage show's fiction that the "1981 version" is an update of the "1971 version," I'll list it here with a big, knowing wink.

  19. Somewhere

    Another perhaps questionable inclusion since the lyrics—sung by Neil and spoken by Chris—that are added to certain mixes (such as the "PSB Extended Mix") actually come from other West Side Story songs: "I Feel Pretty" and "One Hand, One Heart." Still, if only for the sake of completeness, it's best to note it here.

  20. Suburbia

    "The Full Horror" remix includes additional text not included in the album or single versions, the most memorable of which is the repeated line "Suburbia—where the suburbs met utopia."

  21. We All Feel Better in the Dark

    The Extended Mix includes the following lines that aren't found in the version featured on Alternative:

    And now our time has come
    And I'm feeling really horny
    You're with me
    And together we're in ecstasy

  22. West End Girls

    One of the best-known examples of alternate lyrics in PSB songs came right at the get-go, including the infamous—

    All your stopping, stalling and starting
    Who do you think you are, Joe Stalin?

    —featured in the original "Bobby O" version but omitted from the later, much more familiar Please album version and single. Other Bobby O mixes include assorted "extra" couplets scattered about:

    Looking left, turning right
    'Cause money's short and time is tight

    I've said it all before and I'll say it all again
    We're all modern men

    If we don't find the right solution
    Will there be a revolution?

    Some later "post-Bobby O" versions have still other extra lines, such as an entire additional verse in the "Disco Mix" and the "Dance Mix" that starts "You can find a place that no one knows" and ends "And no one knows your name."