PSB Song Chronology

The following table lists, in chronological order, the very first official ("authorized") appearance of every Pet Shop Boys song (unofficial "bootleg" releases don't count) in audio (non-video) format, whether as a single, single b-side, or album cut. Only distinct songs count, not different versions of songs (such as remixes). Songs first released by other artists but written (or co-written) by the Boys are included as well as songs that they recorded and released under their own name but didn't write. (For the purposes of this chronology, I'm treating "All or Nothing" and "Diddly Squat" as two different songs, despite their having essentially the same music, by virtue of their differing titles, lyrics, and songwriting credits.) Songs that they didn't write or co-write but did record, indicated with the symbol § following the title, are included only as of when their own version was released, even if they had previously produced some other artist's version of it. But songs neither written nor performed by PSB are not included, even if the recordings under consideration were produced or remixed by them. (I do allow two exceptions to this rule, however, for a pair of songs that I regard as exceptional cases: "Hallo Spaceboy" and "I'm Love with a German Film Star.") Songs in which only one of the Boys was involved are also excluded. I limit the dates to month and year because of apparent discrepancies and confusions that sometimes arise from attempting to be more precise than that.

Year/Month Song Notes
1984 April West End Girls first single version
  Pet Shop Boys  
1984 June One More Chance single
1985 July Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) first single version
  In the Night  
1985 October A Man Could Get Arrested b-side of second "West End Girls" single
1986 February Love Comes Quickly single
  That's My Impression  
1986 March Two Divided by Zero from the album Please
  Opportunities (Reprise)  
  Tonight Is Forever  
  I Want a Lover  
  Later Tonight  
  Why Don't We Live Together?  
1986 May Was That What It Was? b-side of the second "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)" single
1986 September Paninaro b-sides of "Suburbia" single
  Jack the Lad  
  A New Life from the Helena Springs album Helena (she titled her rendition of the song "New Love," and it has marked deviations—including often different lyrics—from the later PSB track released in August 1987 as the b-side of "What Have I Done to Deserve This?," but it's still basically the same song as "A New Life")
1987 June It's a Sin single
  You Know Where You Went Wrong  
1987 August What Have I Done to Deserve This? single
1987 September Shopping from the album Actually
  Hit Music  
  It Couldn't Happen Here  
  I Want to Wake Up  
  King's Cross  
1987 October I Want a Dog b-side of the "Rent" single
1987 November Always on My Mind § single
  Do I Have To?  
1988 February I'm Not Scared single by Eighth Wonder
  J'ai Pas Peur b-side: French translation of the same song
1988 March I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too) b-side of "Heart" single
1988 September Domino Dancing single
  Don Juan  
1988 October Left to My Own Devices from the album Introspective
  In My House  
  It's Alright  
1988 November The Sound of the Atom Splitting b-side of the "Left to My Own Devices" single
1989 February Nothing Has Been Proved single by Dusty Springfield
1989 June One of the Crowd b-sides of the "It's Alright" single
  Your Funny Uncle  
1989 September I Want You Now from the Liza Minnelli album Results
  If There Was Love  
  So Sorry, I Said  
  Don't Drop Bombs  
  I Can't Say Goodnight  
1989 November In Private single by Dusty Springfield
1990 June Daydreaming from the Dusty Springfield album Reputation
  Occupy Your Mind  
1990 September So Hard single
  It Must Be Obvious  
1990 October Being Boring from the album Behaviour
This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave  
To Face the Truth  
How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?  
Only the Wind  
My October Symphony  
The End of the World  
Miserablism on the bonus disc accompanying the Japanese edition of Behaviour
Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
1990 November We All Feel Better in the Dark b-side of the "Being Boring" single
1991 March Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You) § single
1991 May Losing My Mind § 12-inch vinyl promo and b-side of the "Jealousy" single
The Patience of a Saint collaboration with Electronic on their eponymous debut album
1991 October DJ Culture single
  Music for Boys  
  Overture to Performance  
1991 November Was It Worth It? from the album Discography
1992 December Go West § a rare, limited holiday promo, quickly withdrawn
Forever in Love  
1993 May Can You Forgive Her? single
  Hey, Headmaster  
  What Keeps Mankind Alive? §  
1993 September Shameless b-side of the final "Go West" single
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing from the album Very
A Different Point of View  
Dreaming of the Queen  
Yesterday, When I Was Mad  
The Theatre  
One and One Make Five  
To Speak Is a Sin  
Young Offender  
One in a Million  
My Head Is Spinning from the "bonus album" Relentless
KDX 125
We Came from Outer Space
The Man Who Has Everything
One Thing Leads to Another
1993 November Too Many People b-side of "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing" single
1994 April Decadence b-side of "Liberation" single
1994 May Absolutely Fabulous single
1994 August If Love Were All § b-sides of "Yesterday, When I Was Mad" single
  Some Speculation
1994 September Falling from the Kylie Minogue album Kylie Minogue
1995 July Paninaro '95 single
  Girls & Boys §  
1996 February Hallo Spaceboy § collaborative single with David Bowie
1996 April Before single
The Truck-Driver and His Mate  
Hit and Miss  
Confidential on the Tina Turner album Wildest Dreams
1996 August Se A Vida É (That's the Way Life Is) single
  How I Learned to Hate Rock 'n' Roll  
1996 September Discoteca from the album Bilingual
  It Always Comes as a Surprise  
  A Red Letter Day  
  Up Against It  
  The Survivors  
  To Step Aside  
  Saturday Night Forever  
1996 November The Calm Before the Storm b-side of the "Single-Bilingual" single
1997 March The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On b-sides of the "A Red Letter Day" single
  Delusions of Grandeur  
1997 June Somewhere § single
  The View from Your Balcony  
  Disco Potential  
1997 December It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas PSB Fan Club bonus "single"
1998 April Sail Away § from the Noël Coward tribute album Twentieth Century Blues
1998 November Je T'Aime… Moi Non Plus § from the various artists compilation album We Love You
1998 December Screaming from the Psycho soundtrack
1999 July I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More single
  Silver Age  
1999 September New York City Boy single
  The Ghost of Myself  
  Casting a Shadow  
1999 October For Your Own Good from the album Nightlife
  Closer to Heaven  
  Happiness Is an Option  
  You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk  
  The Only One  
  Boy Strange  
  In Denial  
2000 January Lies b-side of the "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk" single
2001 April Positive Role Model from the promo CD Five Titles from Closer to Heaven (not to be confused with the Songs from the Musical Closer to Heaven promo CD issued the following month)
Friendly Fire
For All of Us
2001 May Run Girl Run! special "Billie Trix single" sold at performances of Closer to Heaven
2001 June Generic Jingle from the Behaviour reissue Further Listening bonus disc
2001 October My Night from the Closer to Heaven original cast album
Something Special
Call Me Old-Fashioned
Nine Out of Ten
It's Just My Little Tribute to Caligula, Darling
Out of My System
2001 November Break 4 Love § single by The Collaboration (Peter Rauhaufer + Pet Shop Boys)
2002 March Home and Dry single
  Sexy Northerner  
2002 April I Get Along from the album Release
Birthday Boy  
The Samurai in Autumn  
Love Is a Catastrophe  
The Night I Fell in Love  
You Choose  
All or Nothing from the Miyuki Motegi album MIU
2002 July Searching for the Face of Jesus b-sides of the "I Get Along" single
  Between Two Islands  
2003 February Time on My Hands from the album Disco 3
  Try It (I'm in Love with a Married Man) §  
  Somebody Else's Business  
  If Looks Could Kill  
2003 May Love Life from the Alcazar album Alcazarized and released as a single a week later
2003 November Miracles single
We're the Pet Shop Boys §  
Flamboyant from the album PopArt
Paris City Boy from the French edition of PopArt
2004 March I Didn't Get Where I Am Today b-side of the "Flamboyant" single
2004 June Jack and Jill Party single by Pete Burns
2005 March Alone Again, Naturally § from the Gilbert O'Sullivan promo album
2005 September "Comrades!" from the album Battleship Potemkin
  Men and Maggots  
  Our Daily Bread  
  Drama in the Harbour  
  To the Shore  
  No Time for Tears  
  To the Battleship  
  After All (The Odessa Staircase)  
  Stormy Meetings  
  Night Falls  
  Full Steam Ahead  
  The Squadron  
  For Freedom  
2005 December Psychological instrumental 12-inch vinyl promo
2006 March Answer the Phone official ringtones downloadable from PSB website
Where Are You?
2006 May I'm with Stupid single
Girls Don't Cry  
The Resurrectionist  
The Sodom and Gomorrah Show from the album Fundamental
I Made My Excuses and Left
Numb §
God Willing
Luna Park
Casanova in Hell
Twentieth Century
Indefinite Leave to Remain
Fugitive from the Fundamentalism bonus disc
2006 July Blue on Blue b-side of the "Minimal" single
2006 October Party Song b-sides of the "Numb" single
  Bright Young Things  
  She's Madonna collaboration with Robbie Williams on his album Rudebox
2007 November Transfer from the various artists Visionaire Sound album
2008 October I'm in Love with a German Film Star § single billed as by "Sam Taylor-Wood Produced by Pet Shop Boys"
2008 November The Loving Kind single by Girls Aloud
2009 February A Little Black Dress single by West End Girls
  Love etc. a one-track advance-release promo single
2009 March Baby from the Alcazar album Disco Defenders
Gin and Jag b-sides and bonus tracks with the "Love etc." single, first released as a digital bundle
We're All Criminals Now
Did You See Me Coming?
All Over the World from the album Yes
Beautiful People
More Than a Dream
Building a Wall
King of Rome
The Way It Used to Be
This Used to Be the Future from the Yes etc. bonus disc
PSB Hits Medley (aka Pet Shop Boys Brits Medley) released as part of a special limited-time iTunes digital bundle with the album Yes
2009 June After the Event b-sides of the "Did You See Me Coming?" single
  The Former Enfant Terrible  
  Up and Down  
2009 November The Performance of My Life from the Shirley Bassey album The Performance
2009 December My Girl § from the Christmas EP
  Viva La Vida § in medley with "Domino Dancing"
2010 April A Powerful Friend limited-edition Record Store Day single
2010 October Together single, digital download
2010 November Glad All Over § b-sides of the physical "Together" single
  I Cried for Us §  
2010 December Night Song PSB Fan Club download
2011 March Prologue from the album The Most Incredible Thing
  The Grind
  The Challenge  
  Help Me  
  Physical Jerks  
  The Competition  
  The Meeting  
  The Clock 1/2/3  
  The Clock 4/5/6  
  The Clock 7/8/9  
  The Clock 10/11/12  
  The Winner  
  Back to the Grind  
  The Miracle - Ceremony  
  The Miracle - Revolution  
  The Miracle - Resurrection  
  The Miracle - Colour and Light  
  The Miracle - The Meeting (Reprise)  
  The Wedding  
2012 April Listening from the Morten Harket album Out of My Hands
2012 July Winner single, digital download
2012 August A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi b-sides of the physical "Winner" single
  The Way Through the Woods  
  I Started a Joke §  
2012 September Invisible Elysium "album taster" digital download
  Leaving from the album Elysium
  Your Early Stuff  
  A Face Like That  
  Breathing Space  
  Ego Music  
  Hold On  
  Give It a Go  
  Memory of the Future  
  Everything Means Something  
  Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin  
2012 October Hell b-sides of the "Leaving" single
  In His Imagination  
2012 December One Night b-sides of the "Memory of the Future" single
2013 April Axis Electric "album taster" single, digital download
2013 June Vocal single
2013 July Bolshy from the album Electric
  Love Is a Bourgeois Construct  
  Inside a Dream  
  The Last to Die §  
  Shouting in the Evening  
2013 September Entschuldigung! b-sides of the "Love Is a Bourgeois Construct" single
  Get It Online
2013 November No More Ballads b-sides of the "Thursday" single
  Odd Man Out  
2014 March Oppressive (The Best Gay Possible) collaboration with Panti Bliss released as a digital download
2016 January Inner Sanctum Super "album taster" digital download
2016 February The Pop Kids single, digital download
2016 March In Bits b-sides of the physical "The Pop Kids" single
One Hit Wonder  
Happiness Super "album taster" digital download
2016 April Twenty-something from the album Super
The Dictator Decides  
Sad Robot World  
Say It to Me  
Into Thin Air  
2016 May Brick England collaboration from the Jean-Michel Jarre album Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise
2016 June The White Dress b-sides of the "Twenty-something" single
2016 September A Cloud in a Box b-sides of the "Say It to Me" single
  The Dead Can Dance  
2017 June Reunion reissues "album taster," digital download
2017 July One-Way Street reissues "album taster," digital download
Believe/Song for Guy § from the Nightlife reissue Further Listening bonus disc
Playing in the Streets
Tall Thin Men
Motoring from the Release reissue Further Listening bonus disc
The Night Is a Time to Explore Who You Are
No Excuse
Ring Road from the Fundamental reissue Further Listening bonus disc
Dancing in the Dusk §
2017 October The Dumpling Song from the Yes reissue Further Listening bonus disc
Wings and Faith
She Pops from the Elysium reissue Further Listening bonus disc
In Slow Motion
2019 February Give Stupidity a Chance from the Agenda EP
On Social Media
What Are We Going to Do About the Rich?
The Forgotten Child
2019 April The Enigma from the Inner Sanctum DVD, Blu-ray, and CD set
2019 August Mongrel from the Musik EP digital download
Ich bin Musik  
For Every Moment  
2019 September Dreamland collaboration with Years & Years, single, streaming/digital download
2019 October An Open Mind bonus tracks with the "Dreamland" single
  No Boundaries  
2019 November Burning the Heather single, streaming/digital download
2019 December Decide bonus track with the "Burning the Heather" single
2020 January Monkey Business single, streaming in advance of the Hotspot album release
Will-o-the-wisp from the album Hotspot
You Are the One  
Happy People  
Hoping for a Miracle  
I Don't Wanna  
Only the Dark  
Wedding in Berlin  
2020 February At Rock Bottom bonus track with the "Monkey Business" single
2020 April Omar's Theme from the My Beautiful Laundrette EP
Angelic Thug  
Johnny's Dark Side  
Night Sings (Popa's Theme)  
Johnny's Theme  
Beautiful Laundrette  
New Boy bonus track with the "I Don't Wanna" single
2021 March Diddly Squat single by Misha Singer
2021 April¹ Mr. Vain § from the DiscoVery - Live in Rio 1994 two-CD set, in medley with "One in a Million"
  Rhythm of the Night § in medley with "Left to My Own Devices"
  I Will Survive § in medley with "It's a Sin"
  ¹These recordings had previously been released in video format (VHS) in 1995, but April 2021 saw their first official release in a non-video audio format, in accordance with the rules of this chronology as noted at the top of the page.
2021 May Cricket Wife bonus CD single accompanying Annually 2021
2021 December Love Came Down at Christmas released as the backing music of the PSB 2021 "digital Christmas card"
2022 March Purple Zone § collaboration from the Soft Cell album Happiness Not Included, released as a single in advance of the album
2022 December Christmas Night² released as the backing music of the PSB 2022 "digital Christmas card"
²At this time I'm only guessing at the title of this extremely brief, simple song, using its first two words as a tentative title. And while I strongly suspect it was written by Neil and Chris, I don't yet know that for a fact.
2023 February Living in the Past released digitally on YouTube
2023 April The Lost Room from the Lost EP
I Will Fall
Skeletons in the Closet
2024 January Loneliness single and b-sides/bonus tracks streaming and digitally downloadable in advance of the Nonetheless album release
Party in the Blitz
Through You