How do the Pet Shop Boys feel about your website?

I had no idea (at least not for sure) until November 17, 2003, when Neil and Chris took part in a BBC Radio 2 webchat. Near the end they responded to the question "What do you think of the many unofficial websites devoted to you?" After commenting on PSB fansites in general and one other website in particular (the marvelous "10 Years of Being Boring"), they said—

Neil: And there's a guy in America who's done one that's called "Pet Shop Boys Song-by-Song Commentary," and he's an author, and he's gone through every single song we've ever done, and talked about it and discussed it, and his conclusions are quite often wrong, but it's an amazingly thorough piece of work, and he updates it all the time—

Chris: And what's that one with all the lists? — What's that one, where he lists everything—the Top Ten—

Neil: That's him!

Chris: Oh, it's the same one?—oh, it's great, that one, and what I like is: "Ten reasons how the Pet Shop Boys wrecked their career in America"—

[Chris and Neil both laugh]

Chris: —and they're all right! You go through them: yeah—yeah—yeah—

Neil: 100% true! [more laughter]

So they apparently like my website—"often wrong" conclusions and all—and have visited it often enough to note my frequent updates. Needless to say, I was practically bouncing off the ceiling with excitement when I learned about this!