Who's the girl in the "Domino Dancing" video, and what can you tell me about her?

How tall are the Pet Shop Boys?

Why is your domain name "geowayne"?

Are you any relation to the Studer audio company, famed for its recording equipment?

So, you have a Ph.D. Where from and in what subject?

Do you personally know the Pet Shop Boys or have any official affiliation with them?

How did you become involved with the 2006 TV documentary Pet Shop Boys - A Life in Pop?

How did you like your 15 minutes of fame?

Can you put me in touch with the Pet Shop Boys or send me their mailing and/or email address?

How long has your website been around?

I emailed you but never heard back from you. How come?

Where do you live?

Do you sell Pet Shop Boys CDs or other merchandise?

Where can I find a good PSB discography?

Why can't I find the singles from Please in CD-single format?

Why don't you have lyrics to PSB songs on your website?

Where I live it's hard to get PSB recordings. Can you pick up a copy of a particular album or single and send it to me?

Can you send me .mp3s or other audio files, especially of PSB rarities?

Can we trade audio files, tapes, or CDs?

I'm an aspiring musician and have created some original music of my own. Could you please listen to some of my songs and tell me what you think of them?

How long have you been a PSB fan? Have you been a fan of theirs from the start?

How many times have you seen the Pet Shop Boys perform live, in person?

What are your qualifications for your "analyses" of PSB songs?

How do the Pet Shop Boys feel about your website?

What's your reaction to Neil's assertion that your "conclusions are quite often wrong"?

I just read your analysis of the track "Beautiful People," in which you said that the string ensemble and harmonica at the end symbolize what the song's about. You don't believe that the Pet Shop Boys actually intended that, do you?

Why don't you capitalize PSB song titles the way the Boys themselves say they're supposed to be capitalized, with each one written as if it were a sentence (for example, "Tonight is forever" instead of "Tonight Is Forever")?

Don't you know you're supposed to say "Pet Shop Boys" without the definite article—not "the Pet Shop Boys"?

Why don't you have a list of misheard Pet Shop Boys lyrics?

What do you think of all the bad reviews your 1994 book Rock on the Wild Side got?

I'd like to buy a copy of your book Rock on the Wild Side. Where can I find it?

Do you talk about the Pet Shop Boys in Rock on the Wild Side?

Your photos on your website don't look very much like your picture in Rock on the Wild Side. Are you really the same person?

If you were writing your book today, is there anything you would do differently?

Have you any plans to update Rock on the Wild Side with a new edition?

For a guy with a Ph.D. and two degrees in English, you certainly use your fair share of bad grammar. What gives?

Why don't you put together a website like this for [fill in the blank]?

How much time per week do you devote to this website?

You're not seriously suggesting that the Pet Shop Boys are the greatest pop group of all time, are you?

Aside from the Pet Shop Boys, what other pop music artists are your favorites, and why?

How do you regard Erasure in comparison with the Pet Shop Boys? Aren't they very much alike?

What are your interests and hobbies besides popular music?

Who are some of your least favorite artists?

Don't you know that the Pet Shop Boys aren't really gay? Neil "came out" in the 1990s only as a marketing ploy. And I've personally spoken to some of the many women Chris has bedded through the years.

Why don't you get a life? I mean, the Pet Shop Boysreally!

Do you realize just how f**ked up you are to waste so much of your time writing about the Pet Shop Boys?