The Pet Shop Boys As Remixers:
Remixes by the Pet Shop Boys of Their Own and Other Artists' Tracks

The Pet Shop Boys have done remixes of their own tracks from their earliest days of success, and they soon branched out into remixing songs by other artists as well. This page lists the tracks that Neil and/or Chris have remixed, either "alone" or collaboratively with other mixers.

Please note that demo versions and original release versions, whether on singles or albums, aren't included here. (I'm listing remixes as opposed to original mixes.) Also, if a single version is merely an edit of the original album version with no substantial discernable remixing, it's not included, either. "Unofficial" truncations or modifications of official PSB remixes aren't listed.

"Solo" remixes of their own tracks:

Collaborative remixes of their own tracks:

"Solo" remixes of other artists' tracks:

Note: The Pet Shop Boys have never remixed New Order's "True Faith," despite the fact that an alleged "Pet Shop Boys Remix" of "True Faith" has been floating around on the Internet for years. It's actually a Shep Pettibone remix. The "pet" assonance probably caused the confusion in the first place. Unauthorized online file sharing and YouTube have together ensured the undying persistence of the error.

Collaborative remixes of other artists' tracks:

Chris Lowe's "solo" remixes: