The Pet Shop Boys' Remixers

The remixers listed on this page are those whom the Pet Shop Boys (or their representatives) have enlisted to mix released, "official" remixes only. Unreleased, bootleg, and "officially unsanctioned" DJ mix service tracks aren't considered here, nor are remixes of tracks written or produced by PSB for other artists unless the Boys received a co-performer credit. Please note that, since the Pet Shop Boys themselves have remixed quite a few of their own and other artists' tracks, I've listed those on a separate page.

The Almighty
PSB songs remixed: New York City Boy, Try It (I'm in Love with a Married Man)

The London team of Martyn Norris and Jon Dixon, aka The Almighty, are among the hottest remixers in the business today. Highly prolific producers and mixers with their own studio and record label, they've remixed dance hits for literally dozens of stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Pink, Alcazar, Anastacia, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue, Ricky Martin, and, of course, our very own Pet Shop Boys. They've also masterminded a cover (not a remix) of the Boys' "Left to My Own Devices" by the "Almighty Allstars."

Alter Ego
PSB song remixed: Psychological

Ther German team of Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke have recorded under a vast array of aliases, including Acide Jesus, Defiance, Dementia, Holy Garage, Primitive Painter, Sensorama, Supreme Truth, and Ron Verboom. They also work in a variety of styles, although they're best known for electronica and hip-hop.

Altern 8
PSB song remixed: Music for Boys

The U.K. duo of Mark Archer and Chris Peat, who work under the banner Altern 8 (a pun on "alternate"), also called themselves Nexus 21 in their early days. They're almost as well known for their live antics as for their many recordings and remixes. Among their remix credits are tracks by Cabaret Voltaire, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Inner City.

Eddie Amador
PSB song remixed: Thursday

Los Angeles-based Eddie Amador's credits extend back to the late 1990s, both with dance hits of his own—including "House Music," "Rise," "We Are the Beautiful Ones," and "Morning After"—as well as remixes for such artists as Madonna, Seal, Michael Bublé, Yoko Ono, Alanis Morissette, Ultra Nate, Jocelyn Brown, Kimberly Cole, Groove Armada, Funky Green Dogs, Tom Stephan, and many others.

Armageddon Turk
PSB songs remixed: Vocal

Probably the single most mysterious remix artists in operation today, the production team of Orkun Tunç and Doruk Öztürkcan'dan, aka "Armageddon Turk," hail from Istabul. They apparently prefer to keep their faces hidden, à la Daft Punk. It seems that, as of their remixing of "Vocal," the Pet Shop Boys have been their most famous clients to date.

Rollo Armstrong and Rob Dougan
PSB songs remixed: Absolutely Fabulous, Can You Forgive Her?

London-born Rollo Armstrong (who usually goes by just his first name) had a big 1996 club hit, "Let This Be a Prayer," under the moniker "Rollo Goes Spiritual with Pauline Taylor." He also enjoyed a string of major dance hits in the late 1990s and early 2000s as leader of the band Faithless. Rollo, incidentally, is the brother of popular female singer-songwriter Dido. For his PSB remixes, Rollo worked with native Australian (but U.K.-based) DJ/producer/mixer Rob Dougan, perhaps best known for his own dance hits "Furious Angels" and "Clubbed to Death" as well as for his remixes for other artists.

PSB song remixed: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

The trio of Alec Greenhough, Paul Ingal, and Si Brad (née Simon Bradshaw) adopted the name Attaboy from a hat company owned by Alec's father, although they've also worked under the name Klarky Cat. "Drunk" is perhaps their best known remix, although they've mixed recordings by a number of other artists as well.

Dave Audé
PSB song remixed: Love Is a Bourgeois Construct

Considering his success, reputation, and longevity in the field, it's remarkable that it took until 2013 for the Boys to tap Dave Audé to create any official remixes for them. This Los Angeles native has been consistently building his impressive credentials as a producer, DJ, and mixer since the early 1990s. He's had a number of major dance hits under his own name (including several Billboard Dance/Club #1s, such as "Make It Last"), and has remixed tracks by seemingly countless artists, not the least among them Sparks, Barenaked Ladies, Love & Rockets, Faith No More, Madonna, Leann Rimes, Sting, Tatu, Annie Lennox, Yoko Ono, New Order, Britney Spears, Depeche Mode, Coldplay, Beyonce, Gorillaz, Keane, Enrique Iglesias, Lady Gaga, U2, Janet Jackson, Goldfrapp, and Rihanna, not to mention many, many others.

Baby Doc
PSB songs remixed: Discoteca, Single-Bilingual

U.K. producer/mixer Pete Davis, aka Baby Doc, works primarily in the hardcore and trance styles of dance music, with scores of remixes to his credit. He also records under the name Bad Man.

Arthur Baker
PSB songs remixed: In the Night, Suburbia

A true legend in the history of remixing, dance music, and hip hop, Boston native Arthur Baker first gained notoriety in 1982 as the producer of Afrika Bambaataa's highly influential "Planet Rock." Since then he has produced and/or remixed literally dozens of other artists. His dance hits under his own name include "Let There Be Love," "Breaker's Revenge," and "IOU," among others.

Basement Jaxx
PSB song remixed: A Red Letter Day

In addition to remixing other artists' tracks, Basement Jaxx—U.K. producers Felix Radcliffe and Simon Buxton—have scored a number of big club hits on their own, including "Red Alert," "Rendez-Vu," "Bingo Bango," and "Where's Your Head At." Their remix credits include work for Justin Timberlake, INXS, and numerous lesser known artists.

PSB song remixed: I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing

The U.K. team of Paul Carter, Manda Granfield, and Richard Walmsley have helmed a number of major dance hits, perhaps most notably Betty Boo's "Hey DJ, I Can't Dance (to That Music You're Playing)." They've also done highly successful remixes for Erasure, Depeche Mode, Moby, and Tina Turner, among others.

Blank & Jones
PSB songs remixed: Home and Dry, Love Comes Quickly

The German duo of Piet Blank and Jaspa Jones have made a name for themselves as prolific producers and mixers who work in a variety of styles, though perhaps most notably in techno and trance. In addition to remixing other artists' songs, they've had several club hits in their own right, including "Desire" and "Watching the Waves." Obviously themselves fans of the Pet Shop Boys, they named one of their own albums after the PSB classic "DJ Culture."

Gui Boratto
PSB song remixed: Love etc.

This Brazilian producer and remixer is one of the rising stars of the latter half of the "naughties." The Pet Shop Boys tapped him to remix their production of Sam Taylor-Wood's "I'm in Love with a German Film Star," and he has also remixed tracks by Goldfrapp and numerous lesser-known artists. Lately he has been devoting more attention to his own career as a recording artist, including his 2007 album Chromophobia.

Boys Noize
PSB song remixed: Axis

German DJ and producer Alexander Ridha, aka Boys Noize, has remixed Snoop Dogg, Depeche Mode, N.E.R.D. and The Chemical Brothers, among others. Before remixing for PSB, he also worked with Scissor Sisters, Skrillex, The Black Eyed Peas, and Kelis.

Andy Bradfield
PSB songs remixed: All Over the World, It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas

U.K. producer/mixer Andy Bradfield has an almost unbelievably extensive discography of productions, engineering work, mixes, and remixes to his credit. A two-time Grammy nominee, he has mixed tracks by David Bowie, Sade, Boyzone, Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones, Will Young, Marc Almond, Rufus Wainwright, Phil Collins, Everything But the Girl, Donna Summer, and literally scores of others. His remixes on the Boys' Christmas EP wasn't his first time working with them, either: ten years earlier he had served as engineer on exactly half of the tracks on their Nightlife album.

Brother Brown
PSB song remixed: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

Danish producers/mixers Henrik Olsen and Atle Thorberg had their own dance hit in 2000 with "Under the Water." They've mixed for a wide assortment of other artists, although PSB's "Drunk" has been their most successful remix to date.

Brothers in Rhythm
PSB songs remixed: DJ Culture, Go West, How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?, We All Feel Better in the Dark

As Brothers in Rhythm, U.K. producers/remixers Steve Anderson, Alan Bremmer, and Dave Seaman have enjoyed their own club hits with "Such a Good Feeling" and "Forever and a Day." They've also remixed tracks for countless artists, including Michael Jackson, Heaven 17, Kylie Minogue, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Janet Jackson, New Order, David Bowie, Seal, Take That, M People, Placebo, Art of Noise, Dido, U2, and many others.

Brutal Bill
PSB song remixed: To Step Aside

Bill Marquez (variously spelled Marques), aka Brutal Bill, had two minor dance hits of his won in 1998: "I Know" and "I Can Feel It." The Pet Shop Boys is the biggest name on his relatively small remixography.

PSB song remixed: Love Is a Bourgeois Construct

Little seems to be known at this time about the German dance artist who goes by the name Claptone. So far specializing in the style known as "Deep House," he—or them, since it's widely but not universally believed to be the duo of Christoph Göttsch and Daniel Brems, though perhaps it's just one of them or, conversely, more than just the two of them—first began making a name for himself/themselves in 2012, achieving international dance success with his/their track "Cream." The Pet Shop Boys gave him/them a major vote of confidence by asking him/them to remix "Love Is a Bourgeois Construct." Nearly a decade later Chris and Neil would return the favor by remixing Claptone's "Queen of Ice."

Coconut 1
PSB songs remixed: I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing, Yesterday, When I Was Mad

Producer/mixer Gary Jones used the name "Coconut 1" (or sometimes just "Coconut") when he was affiliated with Coconut Studios of Cologne, Germany. But he's done a lot of work under his own name as well. In addition to his work for the Pet Shop Boys, he has produced and/or remixed tracks by Haddaway, Right Said Fred, Usher, Boyzone, and a wide assortment of lesser known artists. His "Voxigen Mix" of the Boys' "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing" has often appeared on fan lists of alltime favorite PSB remixes.

Carl Craig
PSB song remixed: Inner Sanctum

Active since the late 1980s, this Detroit DJ, producer, and remixer is famed not only for his influence, the sheer length of his career, and the number of artists with whom he has worked, but also for his distinctive techno style and restless sense of experimentation. Recognized as a leader in Detroit's so-called "second wave" of techno, he has helmed remixes for Everything But the Girl, Yello, Depeche Mode, Throbbing Gristle, Goldfrapp, Tori Amos, and literally dozens of other lesser-known artists, whom he likes to promote through his work. He has also scored a number of club hits both under this own name and a variety of aliases. Neil has said wistfully that he and Chris had been trying to get Craig to remix one of their tracks for what "feels like decades."

Craig J
PSB song remixed: Did You See Me Coming? (with Ralphi Rosario)

So far the only PSB remix done by this prolific Boston-born but Chicago-based producer/composer/remixer—Craig J. Snider, though he usually doesn't use his surname professionally—is one collaborative effort with Ralphi Rosario, with whom he frequently works. Together they've remixed tracks by Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Pussycat Dolls, Rhianna, Beyonce, Matchbox Twenty, Celine Dion, and quite a few other artists. On his own Craig has also remixed the likes of Madonna, Janet Jackson (again), Mary J. Blige, Justin Timberlake, Jamiroquai, Kelly Clarkson, and Cyndi Lauper. He also has a lucrative career as a composer of music for commercials, TV shows, and films. He even has a full-blown symphony to his credit.

Creative Thieves
PSB song remixed: Was It Worth It?

The Creative Thieves duo of Philip Kelsey and Dave Seaman (who sometimes expand to a trio with the addition of Steve Anderson, who also partnered with Seaman as Brothers in Rhythm) enjoyed their own dance hit, "Nasty Rhythm," in 1991. They also remixed the dance hits "Do It for Love" by Danielle Gaha, "Ride Like the Wind" by East Side Beat, and "Rock the House" by the Source, among others.

Stuart Crichton
PSB songs remixed: Flamboyant, In Private (2005 remake with Elton John), Miracles

Although he has worked with a good many artists, this U.K. (but, as of 2009, Australia-based) producer came to prominence with his role as one of the producers, programmers, and mixers on Kylie Minogue's hugely successful 2001 album Fever. Crichton also collaborates with DJ/producer Andy Morris as the duo Narcotic Thrust (a clever anagram of "Stuart Crichton"), best known for the 2002 worldwide dance smash "Safe from Harm" and its equally successful follow-ups "I Like It" and "When the Dawn Breaks." Working with Paul Harris under the name Revolver, he co-helmed the track "I Love You," built around a sample from the Electronic track "Getting Away with It."

The Cucarachas
PSB song remixed: Vocal

Previous PSB remixer Tom Stephan collaborates with fellow DJ/producer Borja Peña under the guise of "The Cucarachas," based in London.

PSB song remixed: Decide

Since bursting on the dance-music and festival scene in 2017, the Spanish "progressive house" DJ duo CYA have maintained a conscious air of mystery by revealing very little about themselves, including their names. Though they have a number of remixes to their credit, before PSB their best-known client was Moby, for whom they mixed his 2018 track "This Wild Darkness."

Jesper Dahlbäck
PSB song remixed: Minimal

Swedish electronic recording artist, producer, and remixer Dahlbäck often collaborates with Tiga (see below), including on the remixes of "Minimal" bearing the latter's name.

John Dahlbäck
PSB song remixed: Winner

Jesper Dahlbäck's cousin John, though also a native of Sweden, is now based in London. And he's also a recording artist, producer, and remixer as well as a DJ and owner of his own record label, Pickadoll Records. He has recorded under the name Hug and, with Jesper, as Hugg&Pepp. Specializing in assorted variations of the house music style, he's done remix work for Lady Gaga, Alanis Morissette, Sneaky Sound System, Kleerup, Nicole Scherzinger, and Tank, among others.

Andrew Dawson
PSB song remixed: Winner, Leaving

Having co-produced with the Pet Shop Boys their album Elysium, it's not surprising that this American engineer/producer should, in addition to working on the "main mix" of its tracks, also do remixes of at least one of them. He has also created remixes for Kanye West, Britney Spears, and Usher.

Deep Dish
PSB song remixed: Se A Vida É (That's the Way Life Is)

Born in Iran but working in Washington, D.C., the duo known as Deep Dish—Sharam Tayebi and Ali Shirazinia—hit #1 on the dance charts in 1998 with their collaboration with Everything But the Girl, "The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)." They have also enjoyed remix success with tracks by Madonna, BT, Depeche Mode, Janet Jackson, the Rolling Stones, and others.

Tom Demac
PSB song remixed: Say It to Me

This Welsh native but London-based house/techno DJ, producer, and recording artist has been making music since the early 2000s but didn't receive his first remixing credits until later that decade. Although he already had quite a few remixes under his belt by the time the Boys commissioned his work, by doing so they instantly became by far the best known of his clients.

PSB song remixed: Gomorrah (The Sodom and Gomorrah Show)

German electronica/ambient artist, producer, and remixer Olaf Dettinger has released a number of singles and a well-received album, Oasis. The words "dreamy," "moody," "lush," and "atmospheric" often pop up in descriptions of his work.

Digital Dog
PSB song remixed: Memory of the Future

The hugely successful London-based remixing duo of Steve Cornish and Nick Mace, aka Digital Dog, have remixed dozens of popular artists—a veritable "who's who" of 21st-century pop artists. P!nk, Rihanna, Timbaland, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole, Pussycat Dolls, 50 Cent, Fatboy Slim, Adam Lambert, Ciara, Enrique Iglesias, Olly Murs, Taylor Swift, and many, many others have benefitted from their skills. They're also famed for their live DJ sets and have branched out into production work.

DJ Hell
PSB songs remixed: Flamboyant, West End Girls

Munich producer, DJ (naturally), football (soccer) fanatic, and performer in his own right of electronic dance music, DJ Hell has remixed for a variety of artists, including Gary Numan and P Diddy.

DJ Meme
PSB songs remixed: The Retrospective Mix

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Marcello Mansur created this PSB megamix in 1989, officially released only on a rare Brazilian EMI promo. A child prodigy who began his DJ'ing career at the age of eleven, he grew into a prolific and highly successful mixer and producer with many Brazilian hits to his credit. He's little known, however, outside his native country.

DJ Pierre
PSB song remixed: I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing

Illinois native Nathaniel Pierre Jones made a name for himself DJ Pierre, generally working in the style known as "acid-house." His own club hits include "Come and Fly with Me" and "Time and Time Again." He should not be confused with the Belgian DJ/remixer who also goes by the name "DJ Pierre," whose credits do not include the Pet Shop Boys.

DJ Waldo Squash
PSB song remixed: Memory of the Future

Not to be confused with a U.S.-based DJ who goes just by "DJ Waldo" (or, more recently, "DJ WLDO," leaving out the A), this DJ, producer, and remixer from the small Brazilian town of Mauaná is known for working in the tecnobrega style ("cheesy techno," also often spelled technobrega) that has emerged from northern Brazil, particularly the city of Belém. He himself, however, prefers to label his own style "electro-melody." He also records with his group Gangue do Electro ("Electric Gang"). The Pet Shop Boys are apparently the first major artists outside of his native country who have employed his remixing skills.

Abe Duque
PSB song remixed: I'm with Stupid

Carlos Abraham Duque Alcivar moved with his family from his native Ecuador to the United States when he was just two years. A world traveler now based primarily in New York City, he has worked under assorted monikers, but he's best known as Abe Duque. Active in the music industry since the late 1980s, he started out as a support keyboardist but gradually moved into a variety of other roles, including DJ, producer, mixer, and record label owner. An eclectic musician, he works in a wide variety of styles, including techno, ambient, house, and "Latin electronic jazz."

Dusty Kid
PSB song remixed: Leaving

Italian DJ/producer Paolo Alberto Lodde—best known as Dusty Kid, but who has also used a number of other aliases—has produced quite a few dance singles, and released his debut album A Raver's Diary in 2009. He has remixed tracks by Moby and Armand Van Helden, among others.

PSB song remixed: Liberation

House DJ/mixer/producer Eric Miller of Chicago works under three pseudonyms: E-Smoove, Praise Cats, and Thick Dick. His biggest dance hit, "Insatiable," featuring singer Latanza Waters, was recorded under the latter name.

Farley & Heller
PSB song remixed: Go West

Originally hailing from New York's Long Island but now based in London, the duo of Terry Farley and Peter Heller had a 1998 #1 club hit of their own, "Shout to the Top," under the name Fire Island. They've enjoyed hit remixes for M People, K Klass, New Order, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Monie Love, and a large number of other performers.

Felix Da Housecat
PSB songs remixed: I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More, London

Chicago techno-house mixer/producer Felix Stallings, Jr. works under various names, including Felix, Felix Da Housecat, and Aphrohead. His "In the Dark We Live (Thee Lite)" was a major dance hit in 1994, and in late 2007 (extending into early '08) he scored with another dance hit of his own, "Like Something 4 Porno!" Among the artists he has remixed are Madonna, Diana Ross, New Order, Yoko Ono, the Chemical Brothers, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, and many others.

PSB song remixed: Vocal

The Italian production team of Danny Minchella and Alessandro Magani are earning a reputation for being at the forefront of circa 2012-2103 house music. Having enjoyed several dance hits of their own—most notably 2012's "Need in Me"—they had only recently branched out to remix work, without many credits under their belt, when the Pet Shop Boys offered their vote of confidence by commissioning them to remix "Vocal."

PSB song remixed: Home and Dry

This Greek duo consists of electronic artist Nikos Bitzenis and producer, keyboardist, and songwriter Yorgos Gerabios. Their "Dusan Goes to Hell" remix of "Home and Dry," released on a rare promo by the Greek branch of EMI, is to date their only work for PSB.

PSB song remixed: Love etc.

Relatively new to the scene, London native Vincent Frank, who works under the name Frankmusik, is a recording artist and mixer who has remixed tracks for Keane, Mika, Radiohead, and Alphabeat, among others.

Friburn & Urik
PSB song remixed: Break 4 Love

Ronen Ben Horin (aka Friburn) and Yuvai Urik are a hot New York City-based team who have several major club hits to their credit, most notably 2003's #1 smash "Dance to the Rhythm." They have remixed tracks by Taylor Dayne, Club 69, and various others.

Friend Within
PSB song remixed: Monkey Business

A native of the Liverpool suburb of Kirkby, DJ Lee Mortimer—who, after a stint of working under his given name, now goes professionally by the moniker Friend Within—divides his time between Liverpool and Oxford. Starting his career in the early 2000s, he has built a reputation with his mixing that blends elements of electro and house. In addition to dance hits released under his own name (such as "The Renegade" from 2013), he has remixed Ella Eyre, Wildchild, Stylo G, London Grammar, and others, but the Pet Shop Boys represent his "biggest" clients to date as of early 2020.

Pete Gleadall (aka Forthright)
PSB songs remixed: Violence, Somewhere*

Pete Gleadall—a name familiar to most Pet Shop Boys fans—has worked with Chris and Neil for more than a decade, having mixed many of their original album tracks and singles. Working with Bob Kraushaar he remixed the "Haçienda Version" of "Violence" and, solo under his nom de mix Forthright, "Somewhere." Among the artists he has mixed aside from PSB is George Michael ("Spinning the Wheel," "Fast Love," "Star People"), Real McCoy ("I'm Outa Here"), and Daze ("Together Forever"). His collaboration with Tom Stephan and Fierce Ruling Diva, "Phreekn," became a major dance hit in 2008.

*This of course doesn't count the literally dozens of other PSB songs that Pete has engineered and programmed, including quite a few of their demo recordings.

Goetz (aka Goetz B.)
PSB song remixed: The Resurrectionist

Goetz Botzenhardt, formerly of the band Blag, has worked under his full name, his first name only, and his first name and last initial. Aside from his credit as remixer of "The Resurrectionist," he has also served as the original mix engineer of a number of other PSB recordings, including "I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More," "New York City Boy," "Screaming," "Absolutely Fabulous," and the entire Battleship Potemkin score (including the original mix of "No Time for Tears"). He has performed similar engineering/mixing duties for Faithless, Moby, Sister Bliss, and Rollo, among others.

Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado
PSB song remixed: Vocal

This Spanish DJ/production duo have enjoyed success both individually and, since 2010, as a team. Together they have remixed tracks by Avril Levigne, Yoko Ono, Peter Rauhofer, and Superchumbo, among others, as well as creating their own original dance music.

The Grid
PSB song remixed: DJ Culture

The early nineties U.K. duo of Dave Ball (formerly and—recently again—of Soft Cell) and Richard Norris remixed tracks by artists as diverse as Brian Eno, Art of Noise, Yello, Robert Fripp, Sun Ra and, of course, the Pet Shop Boys. They also scored hits of the own, most notably 1994's "Swamp Thing." Shortly thereafter, however, they went their separate ways.

PSB song remixed: West End Girls

GGraeme Shepherd, aka Grum, is an indie U.K. electronic musician who released his debut album Heartbeats in May 2010. By the time he remixed WEG later that year (as part of the observance of the 25th anniversary of the song's hit re-release by EMI) he already had quite a few remixes under his belt, including tracks by Lady Gaga, Goldfrapp, Groove Armada, Passion Pit, and Owl City.

Stephen Hague
PSB song remixed: West End Girls (plus dozens of original album and single mixes)

Originally a session keyboardist, the U.S.-born but now U.K.-based Stephen Hague (whose first name is also sometimes spelled "Steven") became a major figure in eighties and early-nineties pop, having produced individual tracks and whole albums for Ace of Base, Blur, Dubstar, Erasure, New Order, OMD (Ochestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), Robert Palmer, Robbie Williams, and a variety of other artists in addition to the Pet Shop Boys. It would not at all be inaccurate to refer to him as one of the true architects of synthpop.

Robin Hancock
PSB song remixed: Left to My Own Devices

U.K. producer, engineer, and mixer Robin Hancock has worked with Depeche Mode, Erasure, Billy Idol, Human League, and Robert Miles, among others.

Phil Harding and Ian Curnow
PSB songs remixed: Always on My Mind, It's a Sin

London-based producer Phil Harding got started "behind the scenes" in the music industry in his mid-teens. By age 19 he was a full-fledged engineer. A favorite mixer for Stock-Aitken-Waterman and a prominent figure at what came to be aptly known as "The Hit Factory," he worked as a producer and/or remixer with literally dozens of artists throughout the eighties and nineties, including Dead or Alive, the Clash, Rick Astley, Bananarama, Jesus Jones, Climie Fisher, Donna Summer, and Kylie Minogue. He has also co-written hits for Boyzone, 911, and East 17. Harding very often worked with fellow U.K. producer Ian Curnow, who collaborated with him in remixing "It's a Sin" and "Always on My Mind."

Emil Hellman
PSB song remixed: Mega Mix (aka "Swedish Megamix")

Swedish mixer/producer Emil Hellman devised this extremely rare "official" PSB megamix in 1991. Hellman has worked in various guises and configurations both under his own name and under the alias Hysteria, both solo and in the partnerships SoundFactory, the Grooveconstructors, and H2O. Although most of his work is best known in Sweden, he's gained international attention via remixes for Erasure, Army of Lovers, Agnetha Fältskog, Paula Abdul, and Todd Terry, among others.

PSB song remixed: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

The Brazilian team of Rodrigo Kuster and Fábio Tabach, aka the Hitmakers, produce and mix primarily for Latin artists. They're perhaps best known for their extensive work with the popular Mexican singer and dance star Thalia.

Trevor Horn
PSB songs remixed: It's Alright, Left to My Own Devices

Formerly one-half of the Buggles (of "Video Killed the Radio Star" fame) and briefly lead singer of Yes, this U.K. producer extraordinaire has enhanced the careers of numerous artists now for more than two decades. For "Left to My Own Devices," he collaborated with Stephen Lipson on the remix.

Jack & Joy
PSB songs remixed: Vocal

Natives of Italy but based (at least partly) in London, Max Bondino and Luca Loi, aka Jack & Joy, have been active in dance music since the 1990s, when (in 1994) they scored an international dance hit with "Flying Away." DJs, producers, and recording artists in their own right, they're not particularly known for their remixes. The best-known artists so far to have benefitted from their remix skills are Petula Clark and, of course, the Pet Shop Boys.

David Jackson
PSB song remixed: I Don't Wanna

Irish-German electronic artist David Jackson is known for his house-inflected techno music usually released under his own name, but sometimes he remixes tracks by other artists. As of when PSB tapped him to remix their fourth and final single from Hotspot, he was best known for his dance hits "Europa" (2017), "Broken Heart" (2019), and "Blessed" (2019).

David Jacob
PSB songs remixed: Don Juan, Jack the Lad, Losing My Mind, Paninaro, We All Feel Better in the Dark

A favorite of the Boys' during their Actually/Introspective era, in addition to remixing the above-listed tracks Jacob also produced or co-produced "Always on My Mind," "I'm Not Scared," "It Couldn't Happen Here," and "A New Life." Of course he has also worked with other artists, perhaps most notably his co-production (with Stephen Hague) of "Ship of Fools" for Erasure. On "We All Feel Better in the Dark" he collaborated with Chris and Neil themselves on the remix.

Jam & Spoon
PSB songs remixed: Yesterday, When I Was Mad, Young Offender

Jam & Spoon were the Frankfurt, Germany, duo of Jam El Mar (Rolf Ellmer) and Mark Spoon (Markus Loffel). Their own dance hits included "Right in the Night" and "Be.Angeled," and they did remix work for Giorgio Moroder, Franklie Goes to Hollywood, New Order, Mike Oldfield, Quincy Jones, and many other lesser known artists. Unfortunately, a sudden heart attack claimed the life of Mark Spoon on January 11, 2006, ending the career of this talented team.

J.J. Jeczalik and Nicholas Froome
PSB song remixed: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)

Keyboardist J.J. Jeczakik is a one-time member of The Art of Noise and has recorded solo under the moniker "The Art of Silence." After a stint in music production, Nicholas Froome now works as an IT consultant specializing in the Macintosh and the Internet. Aside from PSB's "Opportunities," the only remix for any other artist that I've been able to associate with them working together as a pair is "Kiss Me" by Steven "Tin Tin" Duffy.

Marshall Jefferson
PSB song remixed: Being Boring

An extremely important figure in the development of house music as well as some of its more prominent offshoots, such as "acid house" and "deep house," Chicago native Marshall Jefferson scored his own major club hit in 1986 with "Move Your Body." This song came to be known as the "house music anthem" and was soon covered by numerous other artists. With the trio Phuture he produced "Acid Trax," another tremendously influential record. Frequently working under an assortment of aliases, he also scored club hits with "Open Your Eyes," "Lost in the Groove," and "Ride the Rhythm." Extremely prolific during the late eighties and early nineties, his pace has slowed in recent years, but he continues to record.

PSB songs remixed: Vocal

British DJ Joel Storry identifies himself as "the man behind JRMX." After making a name for himself as a "bootleg" remixer, he began to receive "authorized" remix commissions with Sophie Ellis-Bextor's "Starlight" in 2011. Other commissions soon followed, including big hit remixes for The Saturdays, Katy Perry, Nicola Roberts, Ultra Naté, and LeAnn Rimes. His work on "Vocal" for the Pet Shop Boys marks another move forward for his reputation as a top contemporary remixer.

François Kevorkian
PSB song remixed: Rent

A genuine legend in the field of dance music, French-born, New York-based DJ/producer extraordinaire Kevorkian—also known as François K—has been in the business since the heyday of the "Disco Era" back in the mid- and late-seventies. Among the first to add elaborate sound effects to dance tracks, he has been credited as one of the innovators of "dub" mixes. He has mixed and remixed tracks for the the Cure, Depeche Mode, the Eurythmics, Diana Ross, Smiths, U2, Yaz/Yazoo, and numerous others, including of course the Pet Shop Boys.

PSB songs remixed: It Must Be Obvious, So Hard

The notorious, iconoclastic British duo of Bill Drummond and Jim Cauty have made a name for themselves—or, more accurately, several names for themselves, including the Timelords, the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, the JAMs, the Kopyright Liberation Front, and the KLF—by tweaking the music publishing status quo and creating such dance hits as "Doctorin' the Tardis," "3 A.M. Eternal," and the brilliant, incredibly bizarre "Justified & Ancient," in which they turned country music icon Tammy Wynette into the unlikeliest of post-disco dance music stars.

Frankie Knuckles
PSB songs remixed: I Want a Dog, Left to My Own Devices

Born in the Bronx and based in Chicago, Frankie Knuckles is "the Godfather of House Music": one of the principal architects of that style of dance music and thereby a figure of almost inestimable influence on pop music since his career began in the late 1970s. In fact, the popularity of his work as a DJ at Chicago's Warehouse dance club is the likely source of the term "house music" itself. In addition to his remixing work for others, he boasts numerous club hits under his own name, including "The Whistle Song," "Workout," "Rain Falls," and "Too Many Fish."

The Magnificent Kordak
PSB song remixed: One More Chance

German producer and remixer Jürgen S. Korduletsch, better known as "The Magnificent Kordak," did one of the earliest remixes of a PSB track way back in 1984, when he took on the original Bobby O version of "One More Chance." A Bobby O favorite, his heyday was the early and mid-1980s, when he mixed assorted dance hits for Claudja Barry, the Flirts, George Kranz, and Bobby O himself, among others.

Kornél Kovács
PSB song remixed: Twenty-something

Active since only around 2010, most of Swedish DJ/producer Kornél Kovács' relatively sparse remix work as of this writing has been with fellow Swedish artists, although in early 2016 he remixed a track titled "Always on My Mind" by the Russian-born/U.S.-based DJ Serge Devant—not the same song as the one famously covered by PSB, but nevertheless possibly being what first brought Kovács to the Boys' attention.

Bob Kraushaar
PSB songs remixed: In the Night, Somewhere, Violence

In addition to his extensive work with the Pet Shop Boys (the short list above are just his PSB remixes; his list of credits as PSB recording engineer is much longer), British recording engineer/mixer/producer Kraushaar has remixed tracks for a-ha, Marc Almond, Gary Barlow, Aaron Carter, East 17, Erasure, Elton John, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, and many others.

Chris Lake
PSB song remixed: She's Madonna

A U.K. DJ and producer who first worked under the alias Chris D'Abuc. Under his own name he has enjoyed his own 2007 #1 dance hit, "Carry Me Away," and several other successful dance singles as well. As a remixer he has worked with the Prodigy, Sia, Robbie Williams, and Kylie Minogue, among others.

PSB song remixed: New York City Boy

British producer/mixer Simon Langelann is a relative newcomer, getting his professional start in 1997. He has scored U.K. club hits of his own with "I Believe," "Follow Me," and "Drifting Away," the latter becoming a major pop hit as well. He has also worked under the aliases Firewall, LNG, the Bass Tarts, and X-odus. Though he has remixed tracks for a great many artists, so far he has worked primarily with less well known acts than the Pet Shop Boys, who are arguably the "biggest names" to date in his remixography.

Laroz & Amdursky
PSB song remixed: Break 4 Love

Little known outside their native Israel, the team of Haim Laroz and Asaf Amdursky achieved their first big worldwide recognition as remixers with the Rauhofer/PSB collaboration "Break 4 Love." It will be interesting to see whether they're able to parlay this exposure into continued international success.

Lemon Jelly
PSB song remixed: Miracles

Relative newcomers Fred Deakin and Nick Franglen—aka Lemon Jelly—have quickly made a name for themselves, particularly in their native U.K., on account of their eccentric, virtually uncategorizable dance music and the remarkable humor they bring to nearly everything they do. Rather arty guys (Nick has composed music for film and television; Fred is a former professional illustrator) who are somewhat secretive about their private lives, their singles include "Spacewalk" and "Nice Weather for Ducks."

Leonidas & Hobbes
PSB songs remixed: Vocal

Edinburgh-based DJ/producer/blogger/label-owner Andy Richardson, who goes by the name Hobbes, teamed up with with London-based DJ/producer Leonidas (full/real name unknown to me at this time) to produce their debut EP Machines, Tapes & Electronic Setups in early 2013. Although they have quite a few remixes to their individual credits, their remixing credits as a duo were somewhat limited when the Pet Shop Boys asked them to remix "Vocal."

Ian Levine
PSB songs remixed: It's a Sin, Paninaro

One of the most important "behind the scenes" figures in British pop music of the 1990s, producer/DJ/songwriter Ian Levine is an aficionado of both Motown and Northern Soul, and he has spent valuable time with some of the legends of both. He has worked extensively on both sides of the Atlantic, though he's particularly associated, both personally and professionally, with his home town of Blackpool. His production skills have benefitted Take That (he was largely responsible for their success), Miquel Brown (including her legendary "So Many Men, So Little Time"), Evelyn Thomas, Hazell Dean, and many others. In addition, he has remixed tracks by the aforementioned artists as well as Bronski Beat, Sylvester, Kim Wilde, and far too many others to name. In fact, he's credited with being one of the primary developers of the "Hi-NRG" style of dance music.

Lil' Steven
PSB song remixed: Break 4 Love

In 2003 influential Spin magazine named Atlanta-based DJ Steven Incrocci its Most Versatile and Best All Around DJ for a second year in a row. Something of a "house music revivalist," this busy man records his own tracks, produces other artists, and heads up two small independent record labels in addition to regularly DJ'ing at various Atlanta venues.

Little Boots
PSB song remixed: Love Is a Bourgeois Construct

British electronic musician, singer-songwriter, and DJ Victoria Christina Hesketh is far better known by her stage name Little Boots—apparently a childhood nickname stemming from her small feet, but also happening to be very close to the literal English translation of the name by which the infamous third emperor of ancient Rome, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, is also better known, Caligula ("little soldier's boot"). She has enjoyed a good deal of pop success with her singles and albums in the U.K. and several other countries, particularly in the year 2009 (the year of her most successful single, the U.K. #6-peaking "Remedy"), but she has achieved far less commercial success in the U.S., limited to the electronic and dance charts. Though she is not primarily known as a remixer, she has remixed tracks by a few other artists, PSB being the "biggest name" among them thus far.

PSB song remixed: Minimal

Scottish electronic/ambient whiz Ian Hartley, who goes by the name Lobe, is much better known as an artist and composer in his own right than as a remixer. In fact, his track "Movement" appeared on "Neil's half" of the Pet Shop Boys' 2005 Back to Mine various-artists compilation.

Los Evo Jedis
PSB song remixed: Twenty-something

This Puerto Rican Reggaeton duo—DJ Urba and Rome Manonegra, whose collective moniker means "The Eternal Jedis"—can sometimes but not invariably be found sporting bright pink Darth Vader helmets. They have many releases and remixes to their credit in the "Latin music" scene, but their work has been rarely heard in English-language pop—that is, not until the Pet Shop Boys tapped them to remix their own Latin-flavored track "Twenty-something."

Love to Infinity
PSB song remixed: Before, Saturday Night Forever

In addition to remixing and producing hits for others, British brothers Andrew and Peter Lee (together with vocalist Louise Bailey) scored their own U.S. dance hit in 1997 with "Keep Love Together." Their remixography includes tracks by Grace Jones, All Saints, Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan, D:Ream, Rozalla, Celine Dion, and Simply Red.

M Factor
PSB song remixed: Minimal

The U.K. duo of Danny Harrison and Julian Jonah have worked under various aliases, the most successful being Garage Dons 187 Lockdown, under which they've scored several dance-hit singles, the biggest hit being "Gunman." They also have a wealth of remixes to their credit, including Daniel Beddingfield's "Gotta Get Through This," All Saints' "Never Ever," and Robbie Wililams's "South of the Border." Acknowledged leaders in the genre of "progressive house," they've recently been recording and remixing in the guise of M Factor.

Mano Le Tough
PSB song remixed: I Don't Wanna

Born in Ireland, long a resident of Germany, but currently based in Switzerland, Niall Mannion works under the pseudonym Mano Le Tough. An electronic musician and DJ, he has earned numerous European dance hits to his credit both as a remixer and as a recording artist in his own right since first gaining notice circa 2010. As of early 2020, the Pet Shop Boys are his highest-profile remix-clients to date.

Johnny Marr
PSB song remixed: I Want to Wake Up

Former guitarist for the Smiths, one-half of the duo Electronic, and frequent guest on Pet Shop Boys recordings, Johnny Marr isn't really known for his remixes. On the other hand, the excellence of his PSB remix suggests he could make a name for himself in that area as well if he tried.

Lewis A. Martineé, Sick "Billy Bob" Alonso, and Mike Couzzi
PSB song remixed: Domino Dancing

Miami-based producer Lewis A. Martineé was sought out by the Pet Shop Boys on account of his work as producer (and, essentially, svengali) of the wildly successful late-eighties Latin-influenced dance-pop "girl group" Exposé, who scored with such hits as "Point of No Return," "Exposed to Love," and "Come Go with Me." Joining him in producing, mixing, and remixing "Domino Dancing" were his frequent collaborators Alonso and Couzzi.

Kurd Maverick
PSB song remixed: Love etc.

Born Cihan Oetuen, this Turkish Kurd (but German-based) DJ, mixer, producer, and recording artist has scored several dance hits of his own, including "Let's Work," "The Rub," and "Love Sensation." He has also remixed tracks for numerous other artists, the best known of whom (before PSB) have been Robbie Williams ("Lovelight"), Basement Jaxx ("Take Me Back to Your House"), Bob Sinclar ("Everybody Movin'" and "Sound of Freedom"), and D.O.N.S. featuring Technotronic ("Pump Up the Jam").

Michael Mayer
PSB song remixed: Flamboyant

Electronic artist and mixer Michael Mayer has a huge number of remixes to his credit, although he has gained his greatest attention to date outside his native Germany for his 2005 "Balaeric Mix" of Depeche Mode's "Precious." His "Flamboyant" remix was actually a collaboration with Superpitcher (see below).

PSB song remixed: I'm with Stupid

A native of Alberta, Canada, Melnyk now works out of London. A classically trained musician, producer, and mixer—and professed PSB fan—he often works in a style that might be described as "minimalist electronica." So far he's perhaps best known for his 2005 U.K. dance hits "Art of Seduction" and "Fabulous." He frequently collaborates with Sara Berg, with whom he operates their own Gaymonkey label.

Kris Menace
PSB song remixed: She's Madonna

German-born, Paris-based electronic musician, producer, and remixer Christophe Höffel—better known by the "stage name" he adopted in 2005, Kris Menace—has enjoyed several dance hits of his own, though usually in collaboration with others. He has remixed tracks by Air, Moby, Tracey Thorn, Robbie Williams, LCD Soundsystem, and numerous others.

Julian Mendelsohn
PSB songs remixed: Always on My Mind, Being Boring, Heart, It's Alright, Suburbia, This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave, What Have I Done to Deserve This?, Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You), Yesterday, When I Was Mad

An obvious favorite of Chris and Neil's, this U.K. producer/engineer/mixer has also mixed tracks for Soft Cell, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, ABC, Level 42, Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Go West, and Peter Gabriel, as well as for the PSB collaborations with Liza Minnelli and Dusty Springfield. On "Where the Streets Have No Name" and "Yesterday, When I Was Mad" he collaborated with the Boys on the remixes.

Ron Dean Miller and the Latin Rascals
PSB song remixed: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money), Why Don't We Live Together?

Producer/engineer/songwriter Ron Dean Miller has produced tracks for Nuance, Vicki Love, and Raw Silk. In working with the Pet Shop Boys, Miller collaborated with the Latin Rascals—Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran—successful DJs and recording artists who have created remixes for Madonna, Grace Jones, Aretha Franklin, the Fat Boys, and Run DMC, among others. In the mid-eighties the New York-based Cabrera and Moran helped develop the subgenre of dance music known as "freestyle."

PSB songs remixed: Vocal, Thursday

Portuguee DJ/producer Joao Pereira, who's known professionally as Mindskap (but who has also worked under the name Casanova), has been active in dance music since the second half of the first decade of the twenty-first century. He had a good many professional remixes to his credit, but strictly with lesser-known artists—that is, until the Pet Shop Boys commissioned him to remix "Vocal" and "Thursday" in 2013.

PSB songs remixed: Can You Forgive Her?, The Pop Kids

British producer/mixer Marc Kinchen usually goes professionally by his initials, although he has also recorded as 4th Measure Men. He has enjoyed several hits of his own in collaboration with singer Alana Simon, most notably the early nineties dance smashes "Always" and "Love Changes." His extensive remix credits include tracks for Inner City, M People, Jane Child, Bette Midler, Bobby Brown, Tom Tom Club, the B-52s, Celine Dion, Blondie, New Edition, and many others.

PSB song remixed: Miserablism

One of techno/dance music's biggest stars, New York native Richard Melville Hall took his stage name from Moby Dick, the most famous novel by his great-great-great uncle Herman Melville. In addition to producing and mixing the works of others, he can boast quite a few hits of his own, including "Drop a Beat," "Move," "Bodyrock," "Porcelain," "South Side," and "We Are All Made of Stars."

Mike Monday
PSB song remixed: Break 4 Love

Oxford-educated, London-based songwriter/DJ/producer Mike Monday has been virtually ubiquitous on the U.K. club/mixing scene since the late 1990s. Frequently collaborating with others (under such names as Beat Foundation and Distant Drum), he has recorded his own music as well as remixed tracks by Art of Noise and a great many lesser known artists.

Michael Moog
PSB song remixed: Break 4 Love

Latter-day house stylist as well as purveyor of the dance subgenre that has come to be known as "UK garage," producer/artist Michael Moog recorded the 1999-2000 #1 dance hit "That Sound," followed in 2001 with "You Belong to Me." He professes not to like remixing, and indeed doesn't have very many remixes to his credit. "Break 4 Love" is a notable exception.

Angel Moraes
PSB song remixed: Paninaro '95

Outside of his work as a DJ and producer, this Brooklynite is perhaps best known for his 1995 club hit "Welcome to the Factory." As a remixer he tends to work with lesser known artists, the Pet Shop Boys being perhaps the most familiar name on his resumé.

David Morales
PSB songs remixed: How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?, I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More, New York City Boy, So Hard, Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)

Another Brooklyn-born producer (and a clear PSB favorite), the near-legendary David Morales can claim a number of hits under his own name and as part of the duo Bad Yard Club with Handell Tucker, including "Gimme Luv (Eenie Meenie Miney Mo)," "The Program," "In De Ghetto," and "Needin' U."

Richard Morel
PSB songs remixed: Break 4 Love, Se A Vida É (That's the Way Life Is)

Boston native Morel, who often works under the alias Pink Noise, has remixed tracks by Depeche Mode, Tina Turner, New Order, Dido, Seal, Yoko Ono, t.A.T.u., and the Killers, among others, and he frequently collaborates with the duo Deep Dish. A singer/songwriter and recording artist in his own right, his albums include Queen of the Highway and Lucky Strike.

Sunshi Moriwaki
PSB song remixed: Break 4 Love

Producer/mixer Morikwaki (whose first name, because of different transliterations, is variously spelled "Sunshi," "Syunji," and "Shunji") doesn't yet have a lot of credits outside his native Japan. The Pet Shop Boys are certainly the most popular non-Japanese artists whose work he has remixed thus far.

Motiv 8
PSB song remixed: A Red Letter Day

U.K. "Euro house" producer/remixer Steve Rodway works both under his "real" name and as Motiv 8 (a pun on "motivate"). To his credit are remixes for Saint Etienne, Dubstar, Pulp, Crush, Heaven 17, the Doobie Brothers, and numerous lesser known artists, as well as his own dance tracks "Rockin' for Myself," "Mission," and "Break the Chain." He also co-wrote Gina G's international dance smash "Ooh Ah… Just a Little Bit."

Murk Boys
PSB song remixed: Liberation

Originally from Miami but based in New York City, Oscar Gaetan and Ralph Falcon have worked under a variety of monikers: Murk, Murk Boys, Liberty City, and, most successfully, Funky Green Dogs—the latter a trio with singer Pamela Williams. Their dance hits include "The Way," "Body," "You Got Me (Burnin' Up)," "Rise Up," and "Alright," among others.

Joey Negro
PSB song remixed: Before

Born David Lee, this British producer was a profoundly influential figure in 1990s dance music. Among his greatest production successes was Take That's remake of Dan Hartman's "Relight My Fire." He has also recorded solo as Raven Maize and as part of the duo Hed Boys, scoring such club hits as "Can't Get High Without U" and "The Real Life." To date his extensive remix catalog focuses on lesser known artists, although he counts Ultra Naté and M People as well as the Pet Shop Boys among his credits.

Niki + The Dove
PSB song remixed: Winner

This Swedish synth/drums/vocal trio consists of Malin Dahlström, Gustaf Karlöf, and Magnus Böqvist. Their first album, Instinct, was released in May 2012. The Pet Shop Boys must've been impressed since they tapped them to remix "Winner" very shortly thereafter. They've also done some remixing work for Clock Opera.

Offer Nissim
PSB song remixed: The Pop Kids, Say It to Me

An Israeli DJ, mixer, and producer, Nissim has a large and enviable roster of remix clients—quite understandable for someone whose work dates back to 1990—including Madonna, Kristine W, Club69, Christine Aguilera, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Culture Beat, Debora Cox, Suzanne Palmer, and many others.

Luke Nutley
PSB songs remixed: Thursday

An Australian producer, music executive, and mixer, Nutley has remixed under his own name only a small handful artists, PSB being by far the best known among them. But under the StrictLove moniker he has remixed Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé, and Toni Braxton as well.

Bobby Orlando
PSB song remixed: One More Chance

Living legend and seminal figure in the early history of the Pet Shop Boys, this remarkably prolific New York producer has helmed dance hits by a veritable stable of artists, perhaps most notably the Flirts and O Romeo. He wrote and produced "Passion" for the Flirts, a 1982 dance classic that, though it wasn't a smash success at the time, would prove extremely influential on a number of artists—not the least among them Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant.

Davidson Ospina
PSB song remixed: To Step Aside

Another genuine New York City boy (Queens, to be precise), Davidson Ospina had a club hit of his own, "Me Without You," in 2002. He has remixed tracks by Britney Spears, Randy Crawford, and an assortment of less well known performers.

Terrence Parker
PSB song remixed: I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing

This Detroit-based DJ, producer, remixer, and recording artist collects aliases the way most people collect CDs. He has worked under the names TP, DJ Mixmaster X, Jovan Blade, the Disciples of Jovan Blade, the Lost Articles, Disco Revisited, Madd Phlavor, Seven Grand Housing Authority, Plastic Soul Junkies, and Minimum Wage Brothers as well as his "real" name—and that's not even counting the assorted duos or groups he's been part of. The Pet Shop Boys are the best known artists in his remixography.

Ewan Pearson
PSB song remixed: Psychological

UK-born but Germany-based producer/remixer/DJ Pearson has been in the music business since the late 1990s and has worked under the aliases Maas and World of Apples. He has achieved quite a bit of growing acclaim for a string of popular remixes by a wide variety of artists, including Depeche Mode, Nelly Furtado, Moby, Goldfrapp, Chemical Brothers, Franz Ferdinand, Ladytron, His Name Is Alive, and The Rapture. (He also produced Tracey Thorn's 2018 album Record.)

The Penelopes
PSB song remixed: Love Is a Bourgeois Construct

French natives but London-based since 2011, Axel Basquiat and Vincent Tremel call themselves The Penelopes, an electro-dance band (and occasional DJs) with several albums and singles to their credit. Though not particularly known for their remixes of other artists' work, they have remixed tracks by David Bowie and the Tom Tom Club, among a few others, before PSB enlisted their services in 2013.

Shep Pettibone
PSB songs remixed: Always on My Mind, Heart, Left to My Own Devices, Love Comes Quickly, Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money), West End Girls, What Have I Done to Deserve This?, You Know Where You Went Wrong

Unlike most of the producers/mixers listed here, Shep Pettibone hasn't gained notoriety as a dance artist in his own right. Yet few have achieved his level of success as a remixer or can claim as much influence. A pioneer in hip hop production, mixing techniques, and "mastermixes," in the early eighties he also helmed dance hits by Loleatta Holloway and Jocelyn Brown. He's also known for his extensive work with Madonna in the late eighties and early nineties. He was clearly a PSB favorite as well during the first few years of their success.

Mark Picchiotti
PSB song remixed: Se A Vida É (That's the Way Life Is)

Chicagoan Picchiotti has produced and/or mixed club hits for a wide variety of artists. His biggest successes to date under his own name have been "Runnin'" (2001) and "Turn It Up" (2008, credited to "Mark Picchiotti Presents Basstoy"). In addition to the Pet Shop Boys, he has remixed All Saints, the Prodigy, Lisa Stanfield, Yello, and many others.

Tim Powell (aka Pepptalk)
PSB song remixed: Together

A mainstay of the Xenomania crew for more than a decade, U.K. songwriter, producer, and mixer Powell co-wrote "Together" with the Boys (as well as, along with several other Xenomaniacs, "Love etc."). He broke away from Xenomania in early 2010 to forge ahead on his own. He has done remixing work both under his "own" name and under the pseudonym Pepptalk, having used the latter in remixes for Bright Light Bright Light and Love Is Electric.

Stuart Price
PSB tracks remixed: PSB Hits Medley, Memory of the Future, Vocal, Love Is a Bourgeois Construct, Say It to Me, Left to My Own Devices, Dreamland, "Monkey Business," the entire Pandemonium live album

British songwriter, musician, mixer, producer, and multiple Grammy-winner Stuart Price is among the most popular and influential music industry figures so far in the 21st century. Perhaps best known for his extensive work with Madonna—most notably serving as the musical director of her 2001 Drowned Wordl Tour and producing her 2005 album Confessions on a Dance Floor—he has also worked with the Killers, Seal, Coldplay, Keane, and Scissor Sisters, among others. In addition, he records with his own band Zoot Woman and solo under several aliases, including Jacques Lu Cont (in which guise he served as the opening act on some of the dates of the Pet Shop Boys' Electric Tour). Known for favoring mashup techniques in his mixes, he was chosen by the Pet Shop Boys to produce and mix both their BRIT Awards hits medley in early 2009 and, later that year, the music for their Pandemonium Tour. Perhaps most notably, however, the Boys tapped him to produce their entire albums Electric (2013), Super (2016), and Hotspot (2020).

Prins Thomas
PSB song remixed: Monkey Business

Norwegian DJ/producer Thomas Moen Hermansen, in the guise of Prins Thomas, is known for a style he describes as "space disco," which blends elements of electro, psychedelia, prog, and even (according to some) "krautrock." He often works in collaboration with Hans-Peter Lindstrøm. Though most of his work to date has been his own original music (again, frequently created with Lindstrøm), he does have to his credit, before being commissioned by PSB, remixes of tracks by such popular artists as Lana Del Rey, Haim, Bryan Ferry, Cerrone, La Roux, and the Chemical Brothers.

Eric Prydz
PSB song remixed: Miracles

This Swedish DJ/producer is known as a purveyor of the "hard house" style, which blends strong "rock" elements with more traditional house music. A hot relative newcomer, demand is growing rapidly for his talents as a remixer, and he scored a major hit of his own in 2004 with "Call on Me" (a huge dance success in the U.S. and an even bigger "mainstream" hit in Britain and continental Europe).

Radio Slave
PSB song remixed: Minimal

Working primarily in a "nouveau house" style, the U.K. duo of Matt Edwards and Serge Santiago haven't been around all that long but in just the past four years have racked up an impressive list of remixing credits both individually and together—perhaps most notably in the form of their work on Kylie Minogue's "Slow" and the resurrected Elton John chestnut "Are You Ready for Love."

RAF (or R.A.F.)
PSB song remixed: Yesterday, When I Was Mad

The Italian team of Gianfranco Bortolotti and Mauro Picotto have DJ'ed, mixed, produced, and recorded individually, together, and with others under a wide assortment of pseudonyms, not the least of which is RAF (which is variously spelled with and without periods). Known for their hard house, techno, and trance styles, they've scored their own dance hits with "We've Got to Live Together" and "Just Take Me Higher," among others. Of course, they've also remixed tracks for others, with Capella being the most frequent beneficiary of their talents.

Peter Rauhofer
PSB songs remixed: Break 4 Love, I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More

Until his untimely death from brain cancer in May 2013, Rauhofer was one of the most prolific producers/remixers of recent years. This Vienna native recorded under various names: Size Queen, the Collaboration (first with Victor Calderone and later with the Pet Shop Boys themselves), and, with a bevy of studio musicians and singers, Club 69. His hits included "Let Me Be Your Underwear," "Drama," "Much Better," and "I Am Ready," and his remix roster boasted tracks by Madonna, Cher, the Crystal Method, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Funky Green Dogs, K-Klass, Yoko Ono, Christina Aguilera, Book of Love, and many others.

Razor n' Guido
PSB song remixed: The Pop Kids

Active since the late 1990s, the Long Island mix/production team of Peter Osback and Guido Osorio, aka Razor n' Guido, have recorded their own dance-club hits as well as remixing the songs of others. Among the many other artists they've remixed are Madonna, George Michael, Shakira, Björk, Kristine W, Gloria Estefan, Cyndi Lauper, Basement Jaxx, Deborah Cox, Club 69, De La Soul, 2 Unlimited, and the Notorious B.I.G. On occasion they've used the nom de mix RNG, which is how their remixes of "The Pop Kids" are credited.

Real Lies
PSB song remixed: Say It to Me

The London-based electro-pop trio Real Lies (consisting of Kev Khras, Patrick King, and Tom Watson) released their eponymous debut album in 2015 to largely positive notices. The fact that PSB tapped them for a remix—despite the fact that they're not at all known for remixing and, as far as I know, didn't have any previous remixes to their credit—would seem to indicate the confidence that the Boys have in them as well as an understandable expectation of mutual benefit.

PSB songs remixed: Vocal

Better known for his own original music than as a remixer, British producer/artist Jamie Smithson, aka Rektchordz, has been active in the professsional music scene since 2004 and has earned a reputation as a leader of what has come to be known as the "bassline backbeat sound." Although he had as of 2013 done remixes for more than a dozen other artists, the Pet Shop Boys were by far the most famous at the time they enlisted him to remix "Vocal."

Jacques Renault
PSB song remixed: Dreamland

Not to be confused with the same-named doyen of Parisian nightlife and artistic circles, who passed away in 2004—or, for that matter, with the fictional character of that name from the old Twin Peaks TV show—this Jacques Renault is a U.S. DJ and producer based in New York City, known for Let's Play House, his dance-music label and "roving house, disco, and techno party." Although he has a number of indie dance mixes to his credit, with "Dreamland" the Pet Shop Boys became his best-known clients as of 2019.

Richard X
PSB song remixed: Fugitive, The Way It Used to Be

A British producer, remixer, and artist in his own right, Richard Philips generally goes professionally by the name Richard X, although he has also recorded as Girls on Top. Among the artists he has remixed are New Order, Yaz, and Depeche Mode.

R.J. Rice and Eddy Fowlkes
PSB song remixed: I Want a Dog

Fowlkes (as Eddie "Flashin'" Fowlkes) enjoyed a relatively minor dance hit in 1995 with "Let Us Pray," but he has to his credit a large number of other dance tracks of his own as well as remixes of other artists' work. A Detroit native, he got his start in Chicago house music but soon became an important figure in "deep house" and techno. The "Techno Funk Mix" of the Pet Shop Boys' "I Want a Dog" is his only remix collaboration with R.J. Rice, who also works under the name Young RJ. The Detroit-based Rice is perhaps best known for his work with Poe (including her 1997 #1 dance hit "Hello"), though he has produced and/or remixed various other artists as well.

Ralph Rosario
PSB songs remixed: Break 4 Love, To Step Aside, Minimal, We're the Pet Shop Boys (Robbie Williams collaboration version), Did You See Me Coming? (with Craig J)

Another Chicago-born DJ/producer who specializes in the house style, he can boast a number of dance hits of his own, including "Take Me Up (Gotta Get Up)," "Do You Like the Way It Feels" (both with vocalist Donna Blakely), and "Strings of Life." More recently he has achieved even greater success as half of the duo Rosabel (partnered with Abel Aguilera), scoring the #1 club hits "Don't You Want My Love," "The Power," and "That Sound." And he has also collaborated extensively with Craig J, together scoring dance-hit remixes for Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Pussycat Dolls, Rhianna, Beyonce, Matchbox Twenty, and Celine Dion, among others.

Frank Roszak
PSB song remixed: West End Girls

Roszak made a name for himself as a producer and mixer in the 1970s working at Soundmixers Recording Studios in New York City. In the 1980s he moved to the U.K. Through the years he has worked with numerous artists, including Jermaine Jackson, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, Eighth Wonder, Kim Wilde, the Temptations, Billy Preston, among others. He worked directly with Chris and Neil, collaborating with them on remixes of "West End Girls."

PSB song remixed: West End Girls

Welsh-born Alexander Coe—better known in the business as Sasha—has pioneered the styles known as "progressive house" and "progressive trance." In addition to remixing tracks by Madonna, the Chemical Brothers, and others, he has written music for Sony Playstation and DJ'ed internationally, both solo and as part of the "Northern Exposure" project with John Digweed.

Kevin Saunderson
PSB song remixed: Go West

An early prime mover in the field of "techno" dance music, Brooklyn-born, Detroit-raised Saunderson scored a number of big dance hits in the late eighties and early nineties as one-half of the duo Inner City with singer Paris Grey, including "Big Fun," "Good Life," "Ain't Nobody Better," "Do You Love What You Feel," and "Pennies from Heaven." He also worked solo as The Reese Project, his biggest hit in that guise being "The Colour of Love," which reached #1 on the U.S. dance charts in 1992. Admittedly hyperactive, he likes to make "hyperactive music" in a style that he calls "hard as hell techno." His remix clients include Cerrone, Cameo, New Order, Rozalla, Paula Abdul, Samantha Fox, and others.

The Scene Kings
PSB song remixed: The Pop Kids

Active since 2008, the duo of Dennis Ciallela and John Feelgood, aka The Scene Kings, didn't have a lot of remixes to their credit when the Boys tapped them to remix "The Pop Kids," but it was an impressive list nonetheless, including Adele, Rihanna, David Guetta, Carly Rae Jepsen, and the Black Eyed Peas.

Ulrich Schnauss
PSB song remixed: Memory of the Future

This German producer, electronic musician, and occasional remixer (who has worked under a wide variety of pseudonyms, including View to the Future, Ethereal 77, and Hexaquart) has reworked tracks for Depeche Mode, Death Cab for Cutie, Halo, Sia, and a large assortment of lesser-known artists. He's actually better known, however, for his own music, which he has been writing, recording, and releasing since the mid-1990s.

Scissor Sisters
PSB song remixed: Flamboyant

Emerging from the New York underground scene, this funloving quintet led by its openly gay main songwriters, lead vocalist Jake Shears and bassist/keyboardist Babydaddy, took the name Scissor Sisters from a lesbian sexual position. They began producing pop/rock/dance music betraying such diverse influences as David Bowie, the Bee Gees, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Elton John, and Pink Floyd. To date they've enjoyed far greater success in the U.K. than in their native land, where their debut album and single were belatedly released in the summer of 2004.

PSB song remixed: Dancing Star

Bosnian-born German DJ/producer Mladen Solomun, who goes professionally by just his surname, has been active in the dance-music scene since around 2005. He has a vast catalogue of releases and remixes to his credit, with the most widely known artists for whom he has worked (at least as of this writing) including Depeche Mode, Lana del Ray, DJ Hell, Interpol and, of course, the Pet Shop Boys.

Dave Spoon
PSB song remixed: Integral

One of the hot young DJ/producer/remixers of the "mid-naughties," U.K. native Simon Neale usually goes by the professional name Dave Spoon but has also worked under the alias Revivalist. A devotee of classic house music, his primary style has been referred to as "backbeat" and described as a somewhat "electro" update of house, but strong hip-hop influences can also be detected in his work. His remixing career so far has focused on lesser-known, up-and-coming dance artists, but with the Pet Shop Boys he may be making a break more into the mainstream.

Mark Stent
PSB song remixed: Go West

The prolific U.K. producer Mark "Spike" Stent has been highly in demand since the late eighties, and has a truly impressive resumé to show for it. He has produced, engineered, and/or remixed tracks by U2, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Erasure, Oasis, Human League, Spice Girls, Björk, the KLF, Utah Saints, Brand New Heavies, Adamski, Shakespears Sister, All Saints, Beth Orton, Massive Attack, and many others.

Tom Stephan aka Superchumbo (also see The Cucarachas and Tracy & Sharon)
PSB songs remixed: New York City Boy, Sexy Northerner, Minimal, Up and Down, Party in the Blitz

Although he has also worked as one-half of Tracy & Sharon (who remixed "Paninaro '95"), Tom Stephan has achieved greater success as Superchumbo, including his 2002 #1 club hit "Irresistible!" (featuring the vocal talents of frequent PSB backup singer Sylvia Mason-James). A native of Olean, New York, Stephan is also reportedly a former boyfriend (so to speak) of Neil Tennant, who co-wrote and performs the song "Tranquilizer" with him. "Phreekn," Stephan's collaboration with Pete Gleadall and Fierce Ruling Diva, became a major dance hit in 2008.

Baba Stiltz
PSB song remixed: Burn

When PSB tapped him to remix "Burn," Swedish musician/producer Baba Stiltz (who has also worked under the aliases of "Mrs. Qaeda" and "The Bethlehem Beard Corporation") had relatively few releases and even fewer remixes—and absolutely none of internationally known artists—to his credit. Nevertheless, the Boys likely agreed with the assessment offered by one critic that Stiltz was something of a "pop wunderkind."

PSB songs remixed: Flamboyant

German DJ, mixer, producer, and recording artist Aksel Schaufler, aka Superpitcher, collaborated with Michael Mayer (see above) on the "Michael Mayer Kompakt Remix" of "Flamboyant." Most of his remix work has been on tracks by fellow German artists.

PSB song remixed: Minimal

The Belgian trio known as Telex—Marc Moulin, Dan Lacksman, and Michel Moers—has been around even longer than the Pet Shop Boys. First uniting in 1978 as an electronic disco-pop band, they've enjoyed great success on the Continent and some success in the U.K. (their biggest hits there being "Twist A Saint Tropez," "Moskow Diskow," and "Rock Around The Clock"), but are all but unknown in the States. Although they stopped recording new material of their own in 1986, they've never broken up and continue to work together sporadically, most often on remixes for other artists. Perhaps their best-known recent remix is Depeche Mode's "A Pain That I'm Used To."

Danny Tenaglia
PSB songs remixed: Before, The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On

Brooklyn native and hugely successful New York dance club DJ, the prolific Danny Tenaglia has also recorded under the name Soulboy. His biggest dance hits to date have been "Elements" (1998) and "The Space Dance" (2008). He has also scored with "Look Ahead" and "Music Is the Answer (Dancin' & Prancin')." His remix credits include tracks by Madonna, Janet Jackson, Depeche Mode, Ultra Naté, Cerrone, Garbage, Was (Not Was), Bette Midler, Yoko Ono, and countless others. In addition to the PSB remixes noted above, he also mixed the original album version of "Saturday Night Forever."

PSB song remixed: Thursday

German DJ/producer Marco Niemerski, who goes by the moniker Tensnake, is best known for his 2010 dance hit "Coma Cat." Prior to "Thursday," his remixes had graced singles by Scissor Sisters, Goldfrapp, Hercules and Love Affair, and numerous other lesser-known artists.

PSB songs remixed: One More Chance, West End Girls

German performer, producer, and songwriter Manfred Alois Seigieth—aka Ric Tess, Manfred Alois, and Manfred Aulhausen, but best known (at least in Europe) as Fancy—has at least twenty albums to his credit. He's not particularly known as a remixer; in fact, his PSB remixes are among the very few that he has done of any recordings other than his own.

PSB song remixed: New York City Boy

The Los Angeles-based duo of Chris Cox and Barry Harris made a tremendous impact in the new millennium with such club hits as "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag," "Stand Up," and "Head" as well as more than thirty hit remixes for other artists. Unfortunately, the team broke up in early 2004. On the bright side, however, Cox has since emerged "solo" as one of the most successful, in-demand remixers of recent years, with a number of hit dance mixes to his credit.

PSB song remixed: Minimal

Tiga Sontag is a Canadian producer and DJ who has a wide assortment of remixes to his credit, often in collaboration with Jesper Dahlbäck (see above). He's perhaps best known for the Scissor Sisters' "Comfortably Numb," Depeche Mode's "Suffer Well," and Danni Minogue's "Put the Needle on It." His own releases include his 2006 album Sexor and single "(Far from) Home."

Tin Tin Out
PSB song remixed: Paninaro '95

In addition to remixing hits for others, the U.K. team of Lindsay Edwards and Darren Stokes scored a big dance hit of their own with their 1998 cover of the Sundays' "Here's Where the Story Ends." Their remixes include work for Erasure, Technotronic, Whitney Houston, Babylon Zoo, and others.

PSB song remixed: Mimimal

German DJ/producer Roman Böer goes professionally by the name Tocadisco, which is Spanish for "Recordplayer." He started out in the mid-1990s but really hit his stride in the early 2000s. Among his many credits are his 2006 remix of Deep Dish's "Dreams" featuring Stevie Nicks and his own 2003 dance hit "Nobody (Likes the Records That I Play)"—which would seem to be a rather inaccurate statement.

PSB song remixed: Flamboyant, In Private

Another German DJ/producer, Thomas Brückner, alias Tomcraft, has worked mostly with other German artists, but his reputation is growing outside his native land. The Pet Shop Boys is his biggest non-German credit to date.

Tracy & Sharon (also see Tom Stephan)
PSB song remixed: Paninaro '95

The duo of Tom Stephan (U.S.) and Patrick Claesen (Belgium) worked together briefly in the mid-1990s as Tracy & Sharon, during which time they remixed "Paninaro '95." Separately they've continued associations with the Boys, with Stephan remixing other PSB tracks (see above) and Claesen becoming half of the duo Atomizer, whose song "Hooked on Radiation" was, in turn, remixed by PSB.

PSB song remixed: Sodom (The Sodom and Gomorrah Show?)

Full name Anders Trentemøller, a Danish artist and producer who often works in an "electro-house" style. A frequenter of the Roskilde Festival, he has racked up a number of discs to his credit since his 1997 debut, including his 2005 EP Polar Shift.

Trouser Enthusiasts
PSB songs remixed: A Red Letter Day, Discoteca, Somewhere

Trouser Enthusiasts is actually Irish-born, UK-based producer/remixer Ian Masterson, often working in collaboration with musical partner David Green. Together they have also gone by the name Flexifinger. Masterson has additionally worked as Monoboy, and collaborating with others, he is part of Planet Perfecto and Konkrete. Common trademarks in their remixes include an overall mood of epic grandeur as well as highly imaginative vocal manipulation, with backwards masking an especially favored technique (though the st-st-stuttering effect they employed in their "Neanderthal Thrust Mix" of Gloria Estefan's "Heaven's What I Feel" is among their most memorable). Known as much for the often rather provocative non sequitur titles of their mixes as for the tracks themselves, Masterson and Green have remixed for Saint Etienne, Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Donna Summer, A*Teens, Peach, Sarah Brightman, Boyzone, The Divine Comedy, and many others. Their only single release as recording artists in their own right, so to speak, was 1999's "Sweet Release."

PSB song remixed: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

The DJ/production team of Tasty Tim, Tino Di Placido, and Serotina are known for their blending of the house and trance styles of dance music. Relatively new to the scene, their list of credits to date isn't particularly extensive, and the Pet Shop Boys is the biggest name in their remix catalog.

Tuff City Kids
PSB song remixed: Undertow

The German DJ/production duo of Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer have been releasing their own music since 2012, although it wasn't until 2016 that they put out their debut album, Adoldesscent. They also have literally dozens of remixes of other artists' tracks to their credit, but the Pet Shop Boys represent (at least arguably) their first truly "big-name" remix client.

Max Tundra
PSB song remixed: I'm with Stupid

British songwriter and musician Ben Jacobs works under the alias Max Tundra. Something of a cult artist since his late-1990s debut, he's known for his extremely quirky sense of humor and his genre-mashing habits, quite unpredictably blending electronica, hip-hop, pop, and acoustic music. His singles have included "Children at Play" and "Cake," and his albums include Some Best Friend You Turned Out to Be and Mastered by Guy at the Exchange.

PSB song remixed: It's Alright

Chicago's own Tyree Cooper—who goes by just his first name professionally—was a major force in house music of the late 1980s. He enjoyed a major club hit of his own in 1989 with "Move Your Body," and has recorded a large number of less popular tracks as well. Not particularly known as a remixer, he has worked with Sterling Void and a few others in that capacity.

PSB song remixed: Together

The Liverpool production team Ultrabeat consists primarily of Mike Di Scala and Chris Henry. (Onetime member Ian Redman has parted ways with the other two, while some count frequent vocalists Rebecca Rudd and Humza Chaudry as band members as well.) They're best known for the 2003 dance hit "Pretty Green Eyes" and their 2007 debut long-player Ultrabeat - The Album. In addition to remixes of their own songs, they've also remixed tracks by Sugababes, Cheryl Cole, Cascada, Darren Styles, Clubland 16, and Katie Jewels, among others.

Unicorn Kid
PSB song remixed: Did You See Me Coming?

Scottish mixer/composer Oliver Sabin was still in his teens when Chris and Neil tapped him to remix their second single from Yes. The Boys, in fact, are his first "big-name" track-mixing gig, although he's had some live shows and radio appearances to his credit. Having also released some of his own compositions, it's likely he has a promising future.

Sander van Doorn
PSB song remixed: We're the Pet Shop Boys (Robbie Williams collaboration version)

Born Sander Ketelaars, Dutch DJ/producer Van Doorn has become one of the most prolific and successful remixers of the new millennium. Often preferring to work with lesser-known artists, he has also scored dance-hit remixes with some bigger names, including Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Technotronic, Sia, and Timbaland.

Junior Vasquez
PSB song remixed: Yesterday, When I Was Mad

Pennsylvania-born Donald Mattern is a longtime veteran of dance music who first scored under the moniker Ellis "D" and later found greater success as Junior Vasquez. A prolific producer, remixer, and DJ, his biggest hit on his own was the infamous 1996 "If Madonna Calls," partly consisting of messages left on his telephone answering machine by Ms. Ciccone herself. He has one of the most extensive remixographies in the business, boasting tracks for Madonna (of course), Shannon, Ace of Base, Thelma Houston, Moby, Billie Ray Martin, Real McCoy, Donna Summer, k.d. lang, Janet Jackson, Spice Girls, Whitney Houston, Paul Abdul, Nelly Furtado, Annie Lennox, and many, many others.

Vinny Vero
PSB songs remixed: To Step Aside, Beautiful People

Producer/songwriter/engineer/mixer Vincent M. Vero is a native of New Jersey and, a much-traveling guy, currently divides his time between his home state, New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Stockholm. As a performer he has several Top 10 albums and singles to his credit in Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has worked on tracks by Tori Amos, Blondie, Rozalla, Gloria Estefan, Jane Wiedlin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sheena Easton, Deep Forest, and Frida (of ABBA fame), among others. He also worked for EMI for many years and had a hand in various PSB albums from Behaviour through Bilingual.

Sterling Void
PSB song remixed: It's Alright

Few in this list are as mysterious, elusive, and downright legendary as Sterling Void. A seminal figure in the development of house music, particularly of the "Chicago style," his real name is Duane Pelt. Not surprisingly, he's based in Chicago. Otherwise, biographical information about him seems scarce. Though he's responsible for a number of minor club hits, including "Runaway Girl" and "I Don't Wanna Go," his greatest single impact has been his instant classic "It's Alright," which has since been covered by a number of artists—most notably, of course, the Pet Shop Boys. When Neil and Chris remade it, Void turned around and remixed their version for them.

Tim Weidner
PSB song remixed: No Time for Tears, She's Madonna

Trevor Horn's official website describes Weidner as "Trevor's preferred mixing/recording engineer when in the UK (although Trevor does sometime take him to the USA…)." A freelance mixer and engineer associated with Sarm West Studio, his best-known remixes have included Tori Amos's "Talula," Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" and "Get It Together," and the Luther Vandross/Janet Jackson collaboration "The Best Things in Life Are Free." In addition to remixing PSB's "No Time for Tears," he also served as engineer on various tracks on the Fundamental album.

PSB song remixed: Vocal

Polish DJs Michael Bojanowicz and Wiktor Mysliwiec have gone by the name WAWA as producers and remixers of their own and other artists' dance music since their 2001 breakthrough European dance hit "No Problem." Among the artists whose tracks they've remixed in the years since are Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé, Cyndi Lauper, Ultra Naté, Sugababes, Sarah Brightman, Freemasons, Chicane, Paul van Dyk, Kelis, and numerous others far less well known.

PSB song remixed: London

German musician and producer Maxmilian Lenz, aka Westbam, has been around for a while, though his only U.S. dance hits to date have been "… And Party" and "The Roof Is on Fire." In remixing the Pet Shop Boys' "London," he worked with Klaus Jankuhn.

PSB song remixed: Winner

Starting around 2000—and really taking off late in the decade—the U.K. mixing/production team of Jim Sullivan and Eddie Craig have enjoyed tremendous success in the dance music field with both releases under their own name and efforts on behalf of literally dozens of other artists, among them Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Cascada, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Girls Aloud, Pussycat Dolls, the Saturdays, LiAnn Rimes, Andy Bell, the Black Eyed Peas, the Ting Tings, Usher, Will Young, Nelly Furtado, and many others. Considering how busy they are, it's remarkable they even found the time to take on PSB's "Winner."

PSB songs remixed: All Over the World, Love etc., More Than a Dream, Pandemonium, Vulnerable, The Way It Used to Be

Led by U.K. songwriter/producer Brian Higgins, the Xenomania crew has become one of the most prolific hitmaking teams in U.K. popular music of the first decade of the 21st century. Among the many artists they've produced are Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Kylie Minogue, Cher, and Saint Etienne. They've also done dozens of remixes for them and many others, including Sarah Brightman, Garden, and Ant & Dec. As for the Pet Shop Boys, not only did Xenomania produce their album Yes and co-write several of its songs, but they also created instrumental dub remixes of more than half of its tracks (two on their own but the others in collaboration with the Boys themselves), which appeared on the limited edition bonus disc etc.

The Young Collective
PSB song remixed: I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More

Tracy Young is one of the most popular and successful female DJ/mixers today. Her catalog of trance-style remixes is small but growing. Working under both her own name and as "the Young Collective," she has remixed tracks for Stevie Nicks and Madonna, the latter of whom tapped her to remix a number of her songs ("Don't Tell Me," "What It Feels Like for a Girl," "Music," "Nothing Fails").

Chris Zippel
PSB songs remixed: London, Somebody Else's Business

Before working with the Pet Shop Boys, German producer/mixer Zippel was best known outside his native country (where he has a large body of work to his credit) as the remixer of various tracks by Snap! He's also a dance music recording artist in his own right. In addition to his remixing on their behalf, Zippel served as producer on several PSB tracks as well, including "Positive Role Model," "Somebody Else's Business," and "Bright Young Things."