Collaborative efforts in which Chris and/or Neil are neither songwriters nor the primary artists

Because the songs listed here were neither written nor "primarily performed" by Chris and/or Neil—that is, they're really other artists' tracks on which the Boys merely "guested" in some fashion—I make no attempt to analyze or interpret them. Rather, I simply provide some background information and summarize the Boys' role in the recording. If, however, the Pet Shop Boys themselves previously or subsequently recorded their own version of the song, then those tracks (such as "Losing My Mind," "Girls & Boys," and "Hallo Spaceboy," among others) are not listed here but instead have their own entries elsewhere on this website. Also, songs of this nature that appeared on Disco 4 or one of the albums that the Boys produced (or co-produced) for Liza Minnelli and Dusty Springfield (Results and Reputation, respectively) are discussed in the sections devoted to those albums.

These songs are listed in alphabetical order by artist and then (for artists with multiple tracks listed here) chronologically for any given artist. In two cases (for Cicero and Rufus Wainwright) I also provide a bit of background information, linked from the artist's name itself.