The 10 longest PSB album tracks (not counting bootlegs, "special editions," or Disco albums)

The whole matter of track length is imprecise. Which figure do you use? The "official" figure often marked on album covers or discs? Sometimes it's incorrect. The figure that appears on the digital readout of your CD player or computer? Often it varies from one device to another. (Yes, I've tried it!) So what figures do I use here? Simple. I've checked various sources—album covers, CD readouts, online references—and then picked the figure that appears most often for each track. Majority rules, if not always definitively!

  1. 9:24 - It's Alright (on Introspective)
  2. 9:05 - Always on My Mind/In My House (on Introspective)
  3. 9:00 - Drama in the Harbour (on The Battleship Potemkin)
  4. 8:10 - Left to My Own Devices (on Introspective)
  5. 7:41 - Domino Dancing (on Introspective)
  6. 7:23 - I'm Not Scared (on Introspective)
  7. 7:23 - After All (on The Battleship Potemkin)
  8. 7:10 - The Grind (on The Most Incredible Thing)
  9. 6:50 - Odessa (on The Battleship Potemkin)
  10. 6:48 - Being Boring (on Behaviour)

It's worth noting that some of the movements of A Man from the Future are longer than the shorter tracks on this list, but I consdier them "disqualified" because they haven't yet been official released. But if they were released, "Natural Wonders Every Child Should Know" (approximately 7:40 in length) and "The Trial" (approximately 7:14) would appear in a newly reordered "ten longest" list.