Why Don't We Live Together?

Writers - Tennant/Lowe
First released - 1986
Original album - Please
Producer - Stephen Hague, Ron Dean Miller
Subsequent albums - Pandemonium
Other releases - (none)

Neil and Chris were very bold to insert a sexually ambiguous (if slightly sexist) line like "The woman in me shouts out; the man in me just smiles" in the final track of their first album. In general, this appears to be an unusually direct song amidst so many others that can't be taken purely at face value, such as "Opportunities" and "Tonight Is Forever." It seems to be an honest plea by the narrator to his paramour that they indeed start living together. Of course, there's a touch of cynicism (or just plain realism) in the words "I may not always love you; you may not care"—an echo, intentional or not, of the opening line of the 1966 Beach Boys classic "God Only Knows"—but otherwise it all seems innocuous enough, non-marital cohabitation notwithstanding.

It's interesting to note that the chorus incorporates the line "With all the love we had and all the love we hide," which had previously appeared at the very end of the original single version and video of "Opportunities," but was deleted from the album and second single versions. Meanwhile, the bouncy, staccato music is a delight, as are the agitated, improvisational-sounding background vocals. This probably could have been a successful single if the Boys and/or their record company had seen fit to release it as such.


Officially released

Official but unreleased

Note: A so-called "New York 12-inch Dance Mix #2" (8:09) has appeared online (such as on YouTube) and sounds like an authentic, authorized, but officially unreleased mix on account of some unique lyrics and vocals ("We'll make it last, make it last forever…. Time is right, it's now or never") unmistakably being sung by Neil. But it was almost certainly cobbed together by an enthusiastic fan from excerpts from a "bootleg" full PSB Abbey Road recording session that has circulated "underground" for many years. Therefore it's not "official." I make note of it here only to address and forestall recurring questions about it.

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