Studio tracks on which Neil plays guitar

Neil has played guitar live in concert on such songs as "Suburbia," "Rent," "Se A Vida É," and "Was It Worth It?" But there's only a handful of cases in which it's a documented fact—or at least, from the evidence, a very strong likelihood—that he's playing guitar on studio tracks. That doesn't mean that these are the only tracks on which he plays guitar (usually acoustic, but sometimes electric); nor does it necessarily mean that there's not another guitarist on some of these tracks as well. (Note: Guitar samples played on a keyboard don't count.)

  1. Domino Dancing
  2. It Must Be Obvious
  3. How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?
  4. The End of the World
  5. The Truck-Driver and His Mate
  6. Hit and Miss
  7. Silver Age
  8. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk
  9. Boy Strange
  10. Out of My System
  11. Home and Dry
  12. I Get Along
  13. Birthday Boy
  14. Luna Park
  15. Gin and Jag
  16. Beautiful People (demo)
    Neil plays guitar on the demo version of this song, which was released as a bonus track with the 2017 reissue of Yes. But his guitar apparently isn't used in the album version.
  17. A Certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi"
  18. One Night
  19. Run, Girl, Run (demo)

    And if you stretch it a bit—
  20. I Want a Lover
    Neil plays bass guitar on this last track. (Well, it's a guitar, isn't it?)

It's very likely that Neil also plays guitar on some other tracks on Release aside from the three listed above (#10-12), "London" being an especially good candidate. But those are the only three for which we so far have definite confirmation of Neil's guitar work.