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Formal mode,
at my niece's wedding
in Richmond, Virgnia –
Photo by Anne
July 3, 2010

Name Wayne Studer Wayne

Informal mode,
vacationing in Palm Springs
(temp 105°F/40.5°C) –
Photo by George
August 12, 2010

Contact If that link doesn't work for you, you can email me at
Age Younger than Neil but older than Chris. If you're not sure where that puts me, here's some help.
Residence United States
Marital status I'm very happily married to a wonderful man named George. We've been together 39 years and counting.
Occupation Former full-time instructional designer (now retired), part-time author and pop-culture analyst. I've also been described on more than one occasion as a "musicologist." Though I really don't think of myself as one, I'm flattered by the designation.
Favorite band Need you ask?*

*But I must offer this qualifier: the Pet Shop Boys are my favorite contemporary band. I'd have to rank the Beatles and the Beach Boys even higher on my all-time favorites list. But there's no shame in that. I mean, that's pretty illustrious company, wouldn't you say? Speaking of which—
My other favorites Check them out here.
Additional info Try my FAQ. Lots of stuff there.