In the Night

Writers - Tennant/Lowe
First released - 1985
Original album - Disco
Producer (original version) - Phil Harding, Pet Shop Boys; (1995 version) - Pet Shop Boys
Subsequent albums - Alternative, Format, Please 2001 reissue Further Listening 1984-1986 bonus disc, Bilingual 2001 reissue Further Listening 1995-1997 bonus disc, Inner Sanctum
Other releases - b-side of 1985 single "Opportunities"; bonus track with single "Before"

Neil has stated that this song (the 7" version of which was the b-side of the Boys' first Parlophone single, "Opportunities") was inspired by his reading of a book by David Pryce-Jones about Paris during the German occupation of World War II. In it, Pryce-Jones wrote of les Zazous, long-haired proto-beatnik dissidents who conscientiously chose not to take sides with either the Nazis or the Resistance, but instead "opted out." As a result, they were distrusted and hated by both sides. The Nazis disdained them as depraved and decadent, while the French Resistance regarded them as collaborators. Obviously Neil was intrigued by the dramatic possibilities of being in such an ambiguous and precarious position.

Stylistically the song betrays the influence of American producer "Bobby O" Orlando, with whom Neil and Chris were working at the time. (In particular, note the strong musical similarity to the cult classic "Passion" by the Flirts, written and produced by Bobby O.) A British TV program devoted to fashion, The Clothes Show, used part of "In the Night" as its theme song, which prompted the Boys to record a new version in 1995. The newer rendition, an instrumental, replaced the old one as the TV theme music and was released as a bonus track on the "Before" single.



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