PSB "singles" that weren't

As with most rock/pop acts with long histories and large catalogs, the Pet Shop Boys have recorded a number of songs that were at one point seriously considered or even earmarked for single release, but which for one reason or another never actually became singles. The following songs, listed in chronological order, are those that either were definitely or seem to have been slated—or, at the very least, considered—as singles but which never achieved that status.

Certain songs that were released as singles in only limited markets, but the single versions of which were widely distributed as imports—among them "One More Chance," "Paninaro," "To Step Aside," "London," and "Beautiful People"—are not included in this list. Also excluded are songs that a great many of their fans simply wish had been released as singles, but for which there's no solid evidence that the Pet Shop Boys themselves and/or their record company had seriously considered as single "candidates."

Honorable Mention: