Specific songs by well-known artists that are avowedly influenced by the Pet Shop Boys

As the header above says, here is where I list specific songs by other well-known artists that were avowedly influenced by the Pet Shop Boys. To qualify for inclusion, a song must meet the following criteria:

  1. It is indeed a specific song. So even if an artist says that he, she, or they are influenced by the Pet Shop Boys, I wouldn't include them unless they cite a specific song as an instance of that influence. Now, they don't have to cite a specific PSB song as the influence, but the other artist does need to have a specific song that I can list. (If, however, we somehow find a whole bunch of specific songs by a certain artist that meet all these criteria, I'll probably whittle them down to a few specific examples and then add "and others.")

  2. It's "avowed." In other words, it's not good enough if someone else (such as a fan or a critic) points out an apparent or even obvious PSB influence. The artist him-, her-, or themselves have to say it, or at least someone very closely involved with the making of the song, such as its producer or writer(s). And I need to have evidence of this avowal—something in print or on video—to accept it.

  3. It's by a well-known artist. By "well-known," I'm going to say this artist has to have had at least one bona fide hit single or album on a major "official" national chart—U.K. or U.S. mainly, but I'm definitely open to the official charts of other nations as well. (For instance, the artists Orup and Fangoria, included below, are quite popular in, respectively, Sweden and various Spanish-speaking countries.)

  4. It's not just a remix where somebody has taken another artist's song and has remixed it in a "PSB style."

  5. Finally, it's not a "duh!" situation. By that I mean it's not a cover of a song written and/or already recorded by the Boys. So somebody has covered a PSB song? Yeah, there's an obvious "PSB influence" there—but duh! By the same token, it's not a song in which one or both of the Boys were personally involved in any way. So they produced it, or Neil sings background vocals, or something like that? Well, duh! again. And it's not a song that parodies or satirizes the Pet Shop Boys, such as "Inner City Pressure" by Flight of the Conchords, an obvious takeoff on "West End Girls." Of course a parody or satire is influenced by the artist being parodied or satirzed. It wouldn't be any good if it weren't. Besides, I have a whole other list that covers that territory.

Here, in chronological order, are the songs I'm so far aware of that meet all of these criteria: