Songs That the Pet Shop Boys Have Performed Live

Note: This table does not include performances of the entire Battleship Potemkin score. It does, however, include individual selections from Potemkin if they were performed outside the context of the full score. Nor does this list draw upon live TV appearances where the Boys performed just one or two songs. The 2009 Pandemonium Tour included brief segments of certain songs "mashed up" with other songs. If lyrics/vocals from those songs were used, then I display them in the following table using the color code above. If, however, no lyrics/vocals from those songs were used, then I don't cite them in the table itself, although I do make note of them in the Pandemonium Tour setlist following the table. Finally, it's too early to tell at this point which songs will and won't be performed at every date of the Electric Tour; I'll of course make adjustments as needed. (Note: "2016-17 Super Tour" below includes the 2016 Royal Opera House shows.)

Absolutely Fabulous









After All









All Over the World


Always on My Mind




















Being Boring









Believe/Song for Guy









Birthday Boy









Breathing Space


Building a Wall




Can You Forgive Her?









Casanova in Hell









Casting a Shadow









Climb Every Mountain









Closer to Heaven









The Dictator Decides


Did You See Me Coming?


Disco Potential


















DJ Culture









Do Anything You Wanna Do









Do I Have To?









Domino Dancing









Dreaming of the Queen









Ego Music


The Enigma




A Face Like That















For All of Us


For Your Own Good









Friendly Fire




Girls and Boys









Glad All Over


Go West









God Willing


Hallo Spaceboy









Happiness Is an Option









He Dreamed of Machines




















Hold On


Home and Dry


















How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously?









I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More









I Get Along









I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)


I Started a Joke


I Want a Lover









I Will Survive









I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing









I'm Not Scared









I'm with Stupid


In Private


In the Night









Indefinite Leave to Remain









Inner Sanctum


Inside a Dream













It Couldn't Happen Here


It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas









It's a Sin









It's Alright









It's Not Unusual


















King's Cross









The Last to Die


Later Tonight











Left to My Own Devices



























Losing My Mind









Love Comes Quickly









Love etc.


Love Is a Bourgeois Construct


Love Is a Catastrophe









Luna Park









The Man Who Has Everything









Memory of the Future






Mr. Vain









More Than a Dream


Music for Boys









My Girl









My October Symphony











New York City Boy









The Night I Fell in Love









Nothing Has Been Proved


















Occupy Your Mind









One in a Million









One More Chance









Only the Wind









Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)











Paninaro (or Paninaro '95)


















The Pop Kids


Positive Role Model











A Red Letter Day


















Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin


Rhythm of the Night









Se A Vida É (That's the Way Life Is)









Sexy Northerner



























Sixteen Going on Seventeen









So Hard









So Sorry, I Said









The Sodom and Gomorrah Show


Some Speculation


















The Sound of the Atom Splitting


















The Survivors


The Theatre









This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave











To Face the Truth


To Speak Is a Sin









To Step Aside











Tonight Is Forever









The Truck Driver and His Mate









Try It (I'm in Love with a Married Man)




Two Divided by Zero




















Viva la Vida




Was It Worth It?









The Way It Used to Be


We All Feel Better in the Dark









We're the Pet Shop Boys


West End Girls









What Have I Done to Deserve This?









Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)









Why Don't We Live Together?











Yesterday, When I Was Mad









You Choose









You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk









Young Offender









Your Funny Uncle









The Tour Setlists

Note: Songs that the Pet Shop Boys performed at every date of the tour are listed in ordinary black text, whereas songs that they performed at only some dates of the tour appear in red text. The songs that were performed at every date are listed in the order in which they were most often performed in the show, but the songs performed at only some dates are listed in order only if I know it. If the order changed frequently or if I simply don't know the order, those songs are grouped together at the end. Please note that setlist orders do change, so the following lists and orders should certainly not be taken as "absolute." This is especially true for the Uni/Release Tour, where the order of the songs changed significantly between the two legs of the tour.

*"Together" was performed at the Boys' December 8, 2010 charity performance at London's Hammersmith Apollo, which employed the Pandemonium Tour's stage show. It was also included in the Boys' opening set for Take That's 2011 reunion tour, which was otherwise just a subset of the Pandemonium Tour's setlist. For these reasons, I've included "Together" in the Pandemonium Tour's setlist "with an asterisk."


1991 Performance Tour

1994 DiscoVery Tour

1997 Somewhere Shows

1999 Nightlife Tour

2000 Summer Tour

2002 Uni/Release Tour

2004 Summer/Fall Shows

2006 Fundamental Tour

*On the German, French, and Spanish dates of the tour, Neil respectively sang "We're the Pet Shop Boys" in German as "Wir Sind Die Pet Shop Boys," in French as "Nous sommes les Pet Shop Boys," and in Spanish as "Somos los Pet Shop Boys."

2009-10 Pandemonium Tour

The setlist for this show is complicated by the fact that it includes several medleys, mashups, and brief "allusions" to other songs. Because of the long break between the 2009 and 2010 legs of the tour, I would have been tempted to divide them into two separate tours, calling the latter the "2010 Summer Festival Tour," or something like that. But the format, stage design, and setlists for the two legs were virtually identical, so I'm listing them here as parts of the same tour. Also, since the Boys' opening-act stint as the "special guests" on Take That's 2011 reunion tour was an abbreviated set of "highlights" from the Pandemonium Tour (with the addition of "Together"), I'm not listing it separately here, either.

2013-15 Electric Tour

If a song wasn't performed in the initial, highly preliminary advance show in Veracruz, Mexico on March 22, 2013, I'm not indicating it in red below. But if it was performed there but not on subsequent dates, it does appear in red—that one song being "Go West."

2016 "Inner Sanctum" Royal Opera House Shows & 2016-17 Super Tour

All of the songs listed below were performed in all of the Royal Opera House shows. Those in red text, however, were performed in most but not all of the Super Tour concerts, although precisely which songs were absent from certain sets varied from one venue to another.